Bee Sweet Studio

My name is Amberleigh Adoff and I think it's safe to say I am truly a "Busy Bee"  I am a 30 year old middle school art teacher, crafty homemaker, and artist.  I have a passion for creating things, growing things, baking things, and entertaining.  I live with my extremely creative husband who is an amazing graphic designer and illustrator and my very sweet dog Frankie, who I adore.  After moving into my first place with my new husband I have entertained myself through designing and crafting a fun artsy home. I am currently exploring the world of blogging and love to share all my ideas with friends and others who share my passions.


I have always enjoyed sharing creative things with my family and others.  I remember growing up and watching my grandfather paint beautiful mountains capes and awing over my grandmother's watercolor paints.  I loved building things with my father and the cute crafty things my mother put together for me and my cousins.  Through my own journey as an artist I have realized that I just love learning new things and sharing those things with others.  I feel like it is my duty to pass on that passion to others and to show that anyone can create.  I hope my love of creating things and sharing them is evident in all that I do.  Art is not for the select few and should be something that everyone can experience and enjoy.