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Quick Saturday DIY

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So my husband is recovering from a nasty cold this winter break and I have been doing everyting I can to fight it off.  Last night I had some sinus pressure and used a heated pack on my face to help.  I woke this morning thinking, I should make my own pack using essential oils and the face mask templete I had sitting in my office for another sewing project.  So here is my craft of the day, it took about 10 minutes as I had all the supplies already on hand.

First, I used my mask template I downloaded from this cool craft blog

Here the supplies I used:

  • Mask template from above, or trace some sunglasses and make your own.
  • Fabric (I used a cute cactus print fabric I had and a second soft fabric that happened to match)  You only really need one print.
  • Elastic (only need if you want it to hold on your head, you could easily do this without it if you just want to lay down and put it on your eyes)
  • Rice
  • Essential oils
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)

FIRST: I traced the template on my fabric and cut it out, you need two pieces.

NEXT: you pin them right sides together, I also tucked in some elastic and pocked it out through one side.


THEN: I carefully stitched around using a sewing machine and leaving one area on the side of the mask open (this is where the other end of the elastic was sticking out.


I then turned the fabric right side out and used a bone folder to help push out the sides,  you could use anything else like a pencil too.


To prepare the filling, I put some rice in a bowl and sprinkled some drops of essential oils on it.  I used about 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of the Young Living RC (my favorite!)  which is a mix of eucalyptus, cypress, and spruce.  Peppermint would probably work as well.  I was also going to put some dried lavender in there but I couldn't find it.  You can also use other items as fillers such as dried beans or lentils.  I let the rice sit for about 10 min.

I then used a funnel to fill the mask mostly full but not all the way.


After filling it, I tucked the other end of the elastic in (after measuring around my head and trimming it, and folded over the edges.  I sewed the end shut and then lay the mask down to even out the filling.  Here is what the front and back look like:


I tested it out and it worked perfectly!  


I might make another one but just a stuffed rectangular pouch.  That would be a lot simpler and you don't really need a template.  It would be great for heating and using on your forehead.  

Happy Saturday . . . I hope you create something today!


November Freebie

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Hello Friends!

I know it has been a while since I posted, it has been a busy year working on my other website and business Thistle + Things.  However, I have added a few travel themed artwork to my Etsy Shop and thought I would share a desktop wallpaper design I created for November.

Check out some new art on my Etsy shop

I have a watercolor map of the United States that works great for hand lettering if you are into that, which I am!


Here is my November desktop backdrop . . .

November_background copy.jpg

Pop Up Event

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Hey Guys!

This weekend I will have a booth at a pop up show in Lake Forest!  It will be at this cute shop called Studio Vintage.  You should come by and check out all the local vendors.

I will be selling:

  • Some new cozy designs
  • Art prints
  • Cards and notecards
  • Felt cacti and succulents
  • Yoga intention bags
  • Buttons
  • Wrapping paper

Stop by and visit!

Galentine's Party 2017

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So as part of my month of kindness I decided that it would be great to cook for my friends and show my appreciation for their friendship by hosting a Galentine's Party.  I had such a blast planning the decor and was able to collect a few more items to donate.

Here is what the party looked like:


For food we had a breakfast burrito bar and a waffle bar for dessert!  I love breakfast!

The best part of the day was hanging with these awesome women!

Bee Kind Project

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So February is fast approaching and after having an emotional month both at work and outside, I have decided to focus on spreading kindness this upcoming month.  My plan is to complete at least one random act of kindness a day for the month of February.  I have collected a list of random acts for inspiration.  There are a ton of great list out there, here are some for inspiration . .

I designed some tags so that I could attach them to things or leave them behind to help promote paying it forward.  I can't wait to get started!

Here are some cool resources for cards to help spread kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness

Spread Kindness Website

Help spread kindness and share with me!  #beekindproject2017

Goal Setting Freebie!

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I am working on setting some goals as the New Year creeps up, I thought I would make a goal setting sheet and share it with others interested in setting some goals.  

I find that yearlong (New Year's resolutions) never really stick for me so I will be working more on monthly goals.

I wish you good luck on your goal setting and a Happy New Year!

Make this year a year of finding, of fulfillment, of joy, peace, and purpose.

If you are planning on hosting a New Year's Party, here are some fun decor and party ideas I've been looking at:

Oh Happy Day!

Repurpose Your Gift Wrap Scraps

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So this season I designed a simple green tree gift wrap and after wrapping a small gift I realized I had extra scraps that I didn't want to go to waste!  Here are a few ideas for things to create with extra gift wrap or scrapbook paper. 

Here are some helpful tools . . .

You can find the punches on Amazon or at Paper Sources, here is a link to the envelope templates: Paper Source

You can also find envelope templates by just searching online and then print them out and trace them.

Oh! Another tool I almost forgot but is really handy is a bone folder, I use this to smooth down the folds so they are nice and crisp.  To seal the edges of the envelopes a glue stick or double sided tape works great.

I love this tag punch, I use it to make tags out of everything.  I especially like making tags out of old Christmas cards and then using them later.  It works great for kraft paper and my gift wrap (my gift wrap is a little sturdier than most)  This might not work on more flimsy gift wrap.

I made these with the small envelope guide, they would be great for cute notes or to put on Christmas presents as well.

I also used the bigger template to make a larger envelope with the bigger spare pieces I had.

Here I used my triangle punch to create a tree card.  Super simple and cute!

I used my embosser to create the star cause . . . embossing is fun!

Want to purchase some of my tree gift wrap?  Check it out here: Etsy

Shop Small Business This Holiday!

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I have been super busy this holiday season as I am sure you are as well.  I am finally getting to my holiday shopping and plan on getting a lot of gifts from small creative businesses.  I love unique, one of a kind products!  If you are looking for some great small gifts and stocking stuffers check out my Etsy store . . .

Here are some ideas to help you shop for your friends and family.

Looking to shop in person?  I will have some products available along with some really great vendors at this weekends Patchwork Show in Santa Ana!  Come shop and enjoy cool products, food trucks, and music.

Happy Holidays!

Craft Fair Recap

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Thank you so much to everyone who showed their support for my work at this recent craft fair.  I thought I would share some highlights and information about some new stuff coming up.

As my first experience at a craft fair this was a great experience and  I really enjoyed sharing my work with people and gaining feedback.  I worked really hard to have a semi decent looking booth that I hoped would stand out among the endless festive and holiday booths.  Here was what my booth looked like . . .

I brought a little bit of everything available in my Etsy shop as well as a few new products to try out.  Here are some of my prints, pins, and notepads:

Here are some of my cards including my new holiday designs!

Here are my astrology prints on display and if you can see the cactus wrapping paper that will be available soon on my Etsy store!

I will also have a newsletter coming out soon so if you didn't sign up at the fair and are interested you can join here:

Subscribe to our mailing list

I have been working on some new stuff such as holiday wrapping paper, cactus banners, and new prints.  To see my some of my work in person I will be attending the Patchwork Art Festival with my husband in both Long Beach and Santa Ana so stop by the Art School Collective booth and say hi!

Thanks so much to Vic, Amanda, and Daniel for helping me survive my first craft show!



Teacher Planning Party

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To celebrate the start of the school year I gathered some teachers and school staff together for a little planning workshop.

We practiced unloading our minds of all the to-do's in a mind dumb exercise.  

We then planned out all our to-do's using our planners and talked about some strategies for keeping organized such as writing grocery lists on post its so that you can just pull them out of your planner when running to the store.

Next we talked about the fun stuff!  Adding washi, stickers, and colored pens to make your planning seem fun and playful.

I loved this design your own planner layout a teacher was working on, kind of a bullet journal idea.

Casual Dinner Party

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My goal this year is to throw more dinner parties, it is so nice to prepare a dinner for friends and visit for a while.  For my first attempt at a dinner party I invited my brother and his girlfriend over for a birthday celebration.  I have a particular diet so we prepared a tasty allergy friendly meal and I had a lot of fun preparing the space.  Here are some highlights and tips for planning your own dinner party in a jiffy.

Decor:  A bouquet of flowers broken up using tiny vases (probably from the dollar tree), place mats and napkins on sale at Target, handwritten cards on kraft paper, done!


The Menu: Chicken Sage Patties from the Autoimune Paleo Cookbook, Sauted garlic spinach, mashed tumeric sweet potatoes and a salad with a homemade citrus vinegarette (my husband's creations)  For dessert, flourless orange chocolate cake (thanks Pinterest!)Recipe here: Chocolate Cake

Good Company!  After a lovely dinner we played the game Drawful, my favorite!  It is a digital game that is part of the Jackbox party pack, I think you can get it on Xbox.  Its a game of goofy drawing using your phone, hilarious and so much fun.

5 Things That Lowered My Stress Levels

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I have always been a very stressed person.  I enjoy keeping myself busy and I tend to be an internalizer so I have always had trouble with stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks.  I have tried many things but have noticed a huge decrease in my stress levels in this past year.  I thought I would share what I think has contributed to this in case it may help someone else.

#1- DIET

The first thing that I think has contributed to my personal health has been changing my diet.  I have always had stomach problems and after seeing a new doctor I started a new diet called the Autoimmune Paleo Diet.  This diet is often used to treat chronic illness and I was suffering from leaky gut which caused my body to be inflamed on the inside.  This diet helped heal a number of ailments such as heartburn, fatigue, stomach pain, and blood sugar issues.  After going through that experience I now understand that diet can really affect how our body feels as well as our mood and mental health.  I think the food I had been eating was actually causing my body to react which was making me more stressed out.  If you are thinking about trying the Autoimmune Paleo Diet I highly recommend this book:


The second thing that I think made a big impact on my stress was attending a workshop on how to effectively use a planner.  I know that sounds odd but I will explain.  I often had trouble falling asleep as I would run through things stored in my head.  After taking the workshop I realized the amount of information I had stored in my head, everything I needed to remember or "to-do's" that week.  When you are a stressed person you don't need to have extra things in your head to worry about along with everyday worries.  So now, all the things I need to remember are stored in my planner and I never have to rely on remembering those things, which frees up my head a little. It's funny the things you keep cluttered in your subconscious that you don't often aknowledge.  Here is a look at my crazy planner which now represents how my brain used to be.


For me this has been really important, I think everyone needs to find something that they are interested in and that makes them happy.  For me this is creating things, when I am creating things I forget about my stressors and get a mental break from the everyday grind.  The hardest part for me is making that a priority, because it is fun it is hard to justify setting time to do that over more pressing matters but it needs to be done.  There are nights when I don't get laundry done or I don't make it to the gym but if it makes me happy and it lowers my stress it is worth it.


Even though I go through periods when I don't make time to work out, I do realize how important it is to reducing my stress.  My exercise of choice is yoga which is a great sport for dealing with stress.  I find yoga forces me to slow down when I like to move fast through my day.  It also allows me to listen to my thoughts and become more in tune with what is causing me stress so I can address it.  Whatever your exercise preference is, just moving and getting your blood flowing is great for relieving stress and getting into a good mood.  I never leave yoga unhappy or feeling bad.  


This is a small thing but has definitely helped me as a person who likes to pack their schedule.  I like to feel productive and when I was often stressed and trying to remember all my "to-do's" in my head, everything had to be done right there and now or I might forget about it.  Now that I have everything written down and it is really easy to move things on my list to another day I always ask myself, "does this need to be done right now?".  Now everything is less urgent and I no longer spend long hours at work or up late at night working on things.  I take care of what needs to be done that day and then I pass on things that aren't urgent when I am feeling worn out or stressed.

I would say that two years ago my stress levels were a 10!  Now I would say they are down to a 5!  I rarely have panic attacks and find I am getting more restful sleep.  I would love to hear any strategies that others have used to lower their stress.  Share in the comments below!

August Planning Party

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I can't believe it's already August!  Only a few more weeks till I head back to school, so to prepare . . . I took a look at my planner and made it pretty so that I can look at these next weeks with joy.

Here is how it went:

Of course we needed washi tape, I found this handy organizer from Michaels.

This month we focused on celebrating Art as well as fun things going on in our last summer month such as a meteor shower and new movies and books coming out.

I found these awesome planner stickers with quotes and useful labels at Michaels, so fun!

I am happy with my color scheme for August, it's bright and fun!

Free Desktop Wallpaper

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I just got a new computer which is always exciting!  I need all the accessories, I get to set it up however I want!  One thing I love to do is update my wallpaper.  I usually search online for art by my favorite artists but lately have been enjoying having a decorative calendar in the background. 

I first discovered the calendars through a great surface designer who always creates a free monthly desktop background.  Here blog is called Going Home to Roost, check it out and you can download her calendars for your computer and phone: Going Home to Roost

So when I was deciding if I was going to use her calendar for my new computer, I decided that I could make my own using my patterns I recently designed.  I had so much fun I made a few using different patterns and thought I would share them.


Busy Bee's Movie Review

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So my friends were teasing me about reviewing movies on my blog so why not!  I love movies and would gladly watch them all day and often do when I stay home with a cold.  Since it's summer time and there are some good movies out I thought I would talk about just a few and include my doodle summaries of the movies.

Indie Movie- Swiss Army Man

My husband dragged me to this one and I had a slight idea of the concept.  Overall, I really liked the message, I thought the concept was very original (which is sometimes hard to find).  I could use a little less fart and boner jokes.  It reminded me of a cross between Safety Not Guaranteed and Weekend at Bernie's.  I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but for those that appreciate those quirky films with a message, you might like it.

On DVD- Zootopia

I have a hard time going to the theater to watch an animated film, maybe because I am around kids all day, but I was taken to see this one with my mother and husband (both who like animated films).  I thought this was actually very good and was pleasantly surprised.  I thought it was fun, cute, and very entertaining.  It had great jokes for a more mature crowd and the animation was beautiful.  I would gladly see this one again and highly recommend it.

In theaters- Me Before You

So this one I decided to watch after reading the book within 24 hours.  It was a wonderful book but very heart wrenching.  I wanted to see the movie after hearing that the author also wrote the screenplay.  The movie was wonderful, the actress who plays the main character was so fun to watch and the main male character was very easy on the eyes.  Even though it had some "Nicholas Sparks" vibes it was a great story and I thought they did a great job of summing up the book in an enjoyable way.

July Planning Party

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I know it is already on its way through the start of July but I thought I would share a little from our July planning party.

We had the usual . .  snacks, mass amounts of washi, and some inspiration.

I found some cute stickers from Paper Source for students.

We also had some fun stuff to play with from Blue Sky Planners like these washi tapes that I just love.

And these pretty pens too!

This week's planning page focused on summer bucket lists and featured a fun coloring calendar from Blue Sky.

You can find these on

You can find these on

I focused on a 4th of July theme for my planner using red white and blue washi.

There are a lot of fun templates for summer bucket lists online and on Pinterest.  Here is a fun one I found on pinterest:

Happy Planning!

A Busy Bee's Guide To Traveling

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For someone with food allergies it can be really daunting to think about going on vacation for a week.  I am currently preparing for a weeks vacation in Cabo San Lucas for my parent's wedding.  I typically avoid mexican food as I can't eat most of its staples such as tomatoes, avocado, peppers, beans, and soy which a lot of mexican food is cooked in.  So . . . going to Mexico for a week sounds scary to my stomach!  Although the thought of how much weight I could lose not eating anything while spending a week in a bikini sounds good, I know I will need to eat something to keep from being in a constant state of "hangry".  

First step to preparing . . . I have been informed that we will be going to Walmart to stock up on snacks and things and I know we will have a kitchen in our room so that is a plus!  However, in my experience, going to a grocery store without a plan can also be very stressful for me as I typically can't eat that many processed or packaged foods so I am pretty limited by what I can find at a grocery store.  The key is having a list ahead of time so that I don't get overwhelmed by reading all the labels one by one down an aisle.  So, I have prepared my possible snacks list, here are some things on it:

  • apple sauce
  • salami 
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • cashews
  • pickles
  • olives
  • fresh fruit (I think that's safe to eat from Mexico)

Next step . . . what am I allowed to bring into Mexico.  I looked online and I think that I can bring things that are sealed and aren't fresh fruit and meats.  I am planning on possibly bringing some gluten free crackers, maybe some allergy free cookies (so I am not tempted by other sweet things).  I was told tea is hard to find so maybe some tea and possibly some sweet potato chips.

Final step . . . I know there are several restaurants where we are staying so I am looking up their menus online and making a list of the restaurants that I know I can find things at and writing down some options at the restaurants. That way I don't get anxiety about finding something quick when I am there and eating something I should't.  In the moment I sometimes forget to ask about certain things or order on impulse so this should help.

Extras: I am also making sure I bring all my suppliments and digestive aides so that If I do have a problem I will be prepared to deal with it.  Examples of things I bring to help with my stomach:

  • Digestive Enzymes (this helps when I know I am eating something I shouldn't which is sometimes avoidable)
  • Young Living's Digest and Cleanse (a suppliment filled with great oils to help digestion)
  • My usual daily suppliments: probiotics, fiber, fish oils
  • Essential oils: Digize, Peppermint (works great for gas!)
  • Glutagenics (a powder that works for coating and protecting your stomach)

June Planning

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Yay!  It's almost June!  That means I am almost done with school and it will be summer time.  This is the first time in while that I will not be teaching summer school so decorating my planner for June was very exciting for me.

This month I decided to give my planning girls a theme of risk taking.  It is also national camping month so go ahead and plan a camping trip for this summer and get outside!

Here are some photos for our get together as well as my monthly planning page.

I just love these cute stickers!  I bought these at Paper Source but you can find them at a bunch of stores.  They make for cute planner stickers.

Crafting a Birthday Brunch

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So my girl friend's thirtieth birthday was coming up and my friends thought it would be nice to surprise her with a birthday brunch.  We were going to try out a new restaurant and everyone was assigned something to take care of such as flowers, dessert, balloons, etc.  I was in charge of bringing a sign or banner and some decorations as I tend to be the more craftier one.  So with a few days to prepare something, this is what I came up with.

1. Easy chalkboard sign . . . I have this small square chalkboard sign that I bought at Joann's that I use for all types of occasions.  I just marked up a cute sign using a chalkboard marker and used some washi tape to add a little more detail and color to the sign.  The triangles I cut out of scrapbooking paper using this banner punch I just bought from Amazon.

2.  I created this cute banner for the table as I guessed we wouldn't have a large space to hang something.  I used the same banner punch and scrapbooking paper with some string.  To create the base I bought these cute little pots and used floral styrofoam glued in the bottom and skewers to hang the banner.

3.  I of course needed a wrapped gift that was just as crafty as the decor so I wrapped her gift in kraft paper and cut different floral shapes out of cardstock and glued it down.  This was pretty quick and surprisingly easy.

4. The last touch . . . I found this cute little party hats at target and had to get them!  They added a little playfulness to the table.

Just a few little projects made our brunch fun and beautiful.