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DIY Menu Board

diy projectsAmberleigh AdoffComment

So I am horrible at meal planning and thought I would craft a menu board to make it easier with the hope that I will actually use it.


Wood boards (I fount this pre-stained pallette from Michaels), clips, screws, recipe cards/index cards, a pencil

Step One:

Mark where you want your clips, I used my recipe card to help space them out.  I was planning on screwing in the clips using the screws but the screw heads were too small to hold the clips.  Instead I just screwed in the screws and use them to hook the clips on, it works just as good.

Step two:

I then painted on the letters to mark the days, you could use a transfer method if you don't want to straight free hand them.  Check out my tutorial in a previous post.

Step three:

Hang recipe cards or index cards with meal ideas.

DONE! Now let's see if I actually do it . . .