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Adult Easter Egg Hunt

entertainingAmberleigh Adoff1 Comment

After spending Easter with my family and watching kids run around the back yard collecting plastic eggs full of candy I remembered how much fun that was.  Why not have an adult easter egg hunt?  So of course I planned an Easter party for my friends and prepared to host an adult egg hunt.


So, basically I arranged my guests into teams of two people.  Each team received a colored basket, a flashlight, and an instruction sheet.

Here are the instructions that each team received:


 Each team is assigned a color, a basket, and flashlight

You will be searching for the eggs that match your color, there are 15 eggs per team.

Additional eggs . . .

Hidden, there are Cascarones (confetti filled real eggs). If you find a cascarone egg you may crack it on someone’s head and steal an egg from their basket.

There are also yellow eggs hidden . . . these eggs have messages in them.  50% of the messages are good and 50% are bad.  (ex: give an egg to the blue team)

I suggest not opening your eggs until you make it back to the house in case you give away what you have before people open their yellow eggs.

Have fun!

I then had my husband hide the eggs at my parents house (which happens to be around the corner from our house).  As soon as the sun went down we walked over and started our hunt.  

The hunt was a blast!  The Cascarones were super fun to crack on peoples heads and we realized it was a little difficult to see specific colors in the dark.  The hunt also encouraged teamwork as each team only had one flashlight.

All my friends raved at how fun it was and that this should be a yearly tradition.  Looks like I will have to do it again next year.