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After attending a painting and wine event with my girlfriends they commented that I should host a similar night at my house where I could teach them how to paint.  Although, I liked that idea, I thought I would branch out and host a craft night where I could teach them how to make cute practical crafts instead of having everyone paint the same picture to take home and hide.  

Craft Night Checklist . . . 

Wine . . .



Cute work area . . .

Check! (kraft paper, sharpie, white paint!)

Check! (kraft paper, sharpie, white paint!)

Supplies . . .


Willing instructor . . .


So this was my first craft night . . . I decided to show a technique for creating custom coasters out of tiles.  This makes such a cute gift and it can be really simple or more creative depending on your interests.

Here are my instructions for creating the tiles:

DIY Photo Coasters



·      4 subway tiles 4”x4”(home depot)

·      Foam brush (craft store)

·      Matte Modge Podge (craft store)

·      Spray Acrylic Coating (home depot/craft store)

·      Felt furniture pads (home depot)

·      4 photos printed slightly smaller than 4”x4”



·      Cut out photos

·      Apply modge podge using a foam brush to tiles

·      Place images onto tiles centering as best you can

·      Apply a coat of modge podge over the picture in one direction and let dry

·      Apply another coat going the opposite direction (do this several times)

·      When dry, spray with acrylic coating and let dry

·      Apply four furniture pads to the bottom corners of the tiles


You are finished!


Possible variations:

·      Use scrapbook paper and letters to crate monogramed tiles or holiday themed tiles

·      Use cut-outs from beer boxes

·      Create a collage using papers, magazine images or scraps to create an artistic look

·      Cut the images shorter and center closer to the top of the tile to make them look more like a polaroid

·      Paint on the tiles and then coat