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DIY Jewelry Storage

diy projectsAmberleigh AdoffComment

So . . . a friend of mine commissioned me to make her something to use as jewelry storage.  There are so many cute ideas out there!  I hang my jewelry on a frame with hooks on it but I wanted to come up with something that could be used for more than necklaces.  So this is what I came up with . . .

I love it because it can be hung on a wall or free standing.  So this is how I made it . ..

First I needed to gather a few tools and materials:

  • Crate (craft store)
  • Paint and brush, I used a teal chalk paint (craft store)
  • Spray paint for grate (home depot)
  • Metal grate (craft store or home depot)
  • Sheers that will cut metal (home depot)
  • Gloves for working with metal (home depot)  I found mine at Joann's
  • Wooden nobs (craft store)
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws
  • Hooks 
  • Mason jar
  • pencil
  • Screwdriver or drill

Step 1:  Sand and paint your crate

Step 2: Lay the metal grate over the top of the crate and mark where you need to cut it to fit inside.

Step 3: Cut the grate using the sheers while wearing gloves so you don't cut yourself on the metal edges.  Then spray paint your grate if you would like or leave it a nice metallic color.

Step 4: carefully place the grate into the crate (you may have to make a few trips to set it to fit better).  I then added a screw in each corner to lock down the grate to the crate.

Step 5:  Mark and screw in the hooks to the underside of the top of the crate.  I used both smaller hooks and larger ones.  These will be used for necklaces.


Step 6: paint and add some wooden pegs.  I got mine from Joann's in the wood working section.  The side pegs are candle holders or something like that and the bottom peg is a wooden person peg.  I painted them and then attached them to the crate with gorilla glue.  The side pegs are great for bracelets and watches and the bottom one is for rings.

Step 7: I just added a mason jar with a little twine tied on it.  I didn't attach this in case you wanted to pull it out and look through earrings but you could also attach this to the base if you didn't want it to move.

You now have a cute way to store your jewelry!