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DIY Covered Stool

diy projectsAmberleigh AdoffComment

As a teacher, I don't sit much and find that my feet really hurt by the end of the day.  So on a quest to encourage myself to sit a little I thought I would make a teacher's chair for my classroom.  This is a little how to for creating any type of upholstered stool.

I started with a stool that I found out on the "magic" corner of our street where fun stuff shows up and disappears quickly.  I nabbed this stool a while ago and have used it as a plant stand in my garden until I decided it would make a good teacher chair.

I started by sanding and painting the stool.  I probably should have primed it but I was lazy and just went for the paint.

Next I cut a piece of foam the size of the top of the stool, I recommend cutting it a little bigger than the top so it will wrap around a little.

Next, I cut a large piece of fabric much larger than the size of the top of the stool.  I laid out the fabric and turned the stool and foam upside down on the fabric and pulling the fabric tightly I stapled the fabric to the underside of the stool.  I stapled by starting in the middle of each side and then stapled the corners last.  I then trimmed excess fabric off.

Then you have your covered stool!  It's not perfect but it will work in my crazy messy art room!

Tips on supplies:

You can purchase the fabric and foam from Joann's, the staple gun and paint from Home Depot.  Super easy!

Happy Crafting!