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DIY Painted Wood Signs

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I love creating my own wooden signs for the house!  They are so fun and easy!  For my most recent Craft Workshop I taught a simple technique for creating easy painted signs.

So here are some techniques that you can use:

1. Sticker Method

Basically, you paint your board, you place letter stickers down, paint over and remove the stickers and voila!

Okay, so here are some tips . . . this doesn't work great with stickers!  Mainly because the stickers sometimes get soggy and when its dry and you try to peel them they come off in chucks.  This requires a lot of picking.  

What works a lot better are vinyl letters!  Also, you usually get some bleeding of the paint through the edges in some places so I had to touch it up with a brush after. 

This is probably the easiest route but you are limited with the font and size of the vinyl letters.

2. Stencil Method

So on this one I painted my wood then used a chevron stencil for the pattern and then a letter stencil for the "A" using a foam brush.  This is another easier technique but has a few problems.  Make sure you tape the stencil down really well, as there is usually a little bleed through with this as well.  I did go back and touch it up with a brush after.  The limits of this process are that you are limited with the font and size like the sticker method.  This has a cool look though if you like that stencil appearance.

3.  Transfer Method

This one is my favorite!  I use this most often however it is slightly more challenging than the other two techniques.  

First I painted the wood block and set aside to dry.  I then printed out my letters on a printer.  You could do this in a word document or photoshop.  

Here is my brother's sign, he painted it to look a little weather by not completely covering the wood board.

Here is my brother's sign, he painted it to look a little weather by not completely covering the wood board.


I then prep my letters for transfer, you can use a piece of carbon paper or transfer paper but I prefer to just use a pencil as it is easier to erase.  So to create your own transfer paper you scribble on the back side of your letter sheet using a regular pencil.  I sometimes will use a white charcoal pencil if my board is painted a dark color.

You then tape the letters on your board aligning them where you want.

You then trace over the outside of the letters using a pen or pencil.  The idea is that wherever you press down it will transfer the pencil to your board.  Her I did the same process using white charcoal on a black board . . 

It helps to peak to make sure it is transferring to the board.  After that you just paint in the lines using a small brush.  

Paint- tips on paint . . . you can always use acrylic craft paint from a craft store but I tend to collect "Oops" paints from Home Depot.  These are paints that they mixed up and someone didn't want or were mixed wrong and they sell them for around 50 cents.  I collect those and find they work really great for these kinds of projects.


Finishing touches . . . 

Sometimes I will use sand paper to remove some paint on the edges to give it a more rustic look!

To prep them for hanging, you can purchase hanging brackets from a hardware store or a Aaron Brothers.  I tend to save the ones from frames I didn't need them for so I usually have a stash.  Home depot has some good ones you just hammer in the back.

Here are some fun signs i've created for my place using the transfer method:

Happy making!