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DIY Cake Plate

diy projectsAmberleigh AdoffComment

I love to entertain and I am currently planning an end of summer party.  I created a cake plate stand a while ago and thought it would be fun to create a few more as part of the table setting for the party.  I also played around with some hand painted flowers to add a cute touch and tie it in with the decor of my kitchen.  


This cake plate pretty much cost about $2.00 to make!  So easy and cheap!

Basically I purchased a plate and a goblet, drinking glass, or bowl from either the dollar tree or the 99cent store.  I then glued the glass or bowl to the underside of the plate using E6000 glue.  I then spray painted them.

For the blue one, this was a bowl and a plate which I spray painted and then hand painted flowers using acrylic paint.  I then sprayed it with a clear acrylic coat to protect the painted flowers.

As for the red and white plate . . . the red one is an upside down goblet glued to a plate and spray painted red.  The white one was a cute bowl and smaller plate I found at the 99cent store that had some nice detail on it.  I glued it together and didn't even spray paint it because I wanted a white one.  So easy! 

So now I have a cute set of cake plates I can use to serve goodies at my next party!