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Laundry Room Makeover

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Let me start by saying I am so thankful that I have a laundry room. That being said . . . i hated my laundry room!  I hated it because it was packed full of random things, it was crowded and hot.  My laundry room is actually located off the patio so you have to go outside to get to it.  Also, the  door doesn't really close all the way so it always gets dusty in there.  So I decided to spend some time on it to make it actually bearable.

Before:                                                                After:


So the first thing I did was paint the one wall behind the washer and dryer a pale blue leaving the white shelving.  I had cleared out the shelves and then replaced some items in some cute bins I picked up from target.  I had an adorable water jug that the top broke on so I used it to hold the Oxy Clean and then added the liquid detergent to the shelf.  I switched to a small mason jar to measure the detergent and placed it on a coaster made by putting furniture protectors on the bottom of a white tile (check out my tile tutorial for more info).

Next, I moved the washer and dryer against the side walls so I could have some space in between to put some storage.  I would like to eventually put a cabinet there but for now I found this bathroom organizer that fits right into the space.

I also spray painted a tub I had lying around the house to hold my husband's stinky gym stuff and hung a car trashcan on the wall with "lint" painted on it for all that lint you pull out of the dryer.

I replaced my janky drying rack with this slightly nicer ikea wire rack that folds down so I can save some space.

Lastly, I added a few hand painted wooden signs, check out my tutorial on how to create your own signs: in a previous blog post.

and a few laundry reference pictures I bought at a Patchwork festival.  Here are some you can get off Etsy: Letteredandlined

I also added a vase with fake flowers from Home Goods and spray painted a can to hold some doggie bags.

I have to say I now smile every time i go into my laundry room!  I still have some more work to do such as switch out the over head light and put a new door on the room but I no longer dread being in there.  Please share any ideas or photos of your laundry room!