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Amberleigh AdoffComment

So I was just informed that there is a thing called Inktober, I guess the goal is to do a drawing a day in ink.  I love to work in ink so I am planning on taking this challenge!  Anyone want to take the challenge with me?  To start off, I thought I would share some ink work that I find inspiring.

  • Loui Jover does some awesome ink art, I love the pieces that are done on old book pages and that art super drippy. 
  • Lisa Congdon does some really amazing fun and whimsical illustrations, I just love them!  She does a lot of cool patterns and line drawings.
  • Helen Dardik does a lot of beautiful colorful graphic illustrations and great patterns however, if you follow her on Instragram she has some really great ink work she does in her sketchbooks.
  • Chris Riddell is an artist my husband just introduced me to, he does some really cool ink drawings of characters and people.
  • Kyler Martz is an actual "ink" artist, he does some really interesting tattoos that I really find interesting.

Drawing time!  Share your designs with me by posting your drawings on Instragram with the hashtag #bbinktober