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Guest Room Ideas

designAmberleigh Adoff2 Comments

So I am finally finishing up our guest room and I thought I would share some ideas and tips for creating your own guest room.  

First of all, I am not much for staying over at peoples houses, I definitely prefer a hotel.  This is mainly because I am a very light sleeper and I typically don't get much sleep on air mattresses or futons.  So I really wanted to create a cozy and inviting guest room that I wouldn't mind staying in.

First of course you need the furniture!  Our guest room just has a simple queen size ikea bed with a mattress that is probably better than the one in our master bedroom.  It does take up a lot of the room but I think it is so much better then squishing on a twin or full.  The bed is furnished with several pillows and an extra blanket.  

I also have a nightstand that is empty and a dresser that is mostly empty.  I find that you have to have balance between having decor to create a space but leaving room for the guest to make the space their own so I leave room for storing items in the nightstand and some table space for some items.  

Decor . . . I have a few pictures hanging to make the space a little more interesting.  I included a few family photos, some cool artwork, and some personal photography from my travels in Europe.  I also create a few signs such as the welcome sign and a large board with "Be Our Guest" painted on it.  That sign was a piece of wood from our in-laws fence just painted over, check out my blog post on painting wood signs for a tutorial on how to create something similar. I also have a few small frames and a clock with a coat rack for hanging things.

I also have hanging up a book exchange.  I enjoy reading and thought it might be nice for our guests to drop off books and take some new ones to read.  I liked hanging them on the wall as a decor feature instead of adding another piece of furniture such as a book shelve, although it does limit the amount of space for more books.

On the dresser I have a few books, a sign with our wifi code on it, a plant, and a welcome basket.  I find the wifi sign is the best because people don't have to constantly ask you for your code.  I think having a plant helps keep the room feeling fresh, as long as you can remember to water it!  I love the welcome basket idea because as I mentioned I love to stay in hotels so I find this brings in some of those perks into our guest room.  In my basket I include such things as . . . an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, hair towel, shower cap, snack bars, etc.  I also include magazines and a guest book to sign.  Inside the dresser I've included some extra pillows and guest towels so they don't have to ask and can always find them.

Other items that are valuable to have are a trash can, a full length mirror (mine is behind the door) and available outlets for guests to plug in their phones.  

So now that it is complete I am ready for visitors!  I would love to hear any fun ideas you have tried with your guest room!