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Valentine's Gift Ideas

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It's been a while!  Valentine's day has passed but I thought I would still do little post about some ideas for celebrating your significant other.  My Valentine's day was spent going to our favorite fancy doughnut place called Sidecar Doughnuts.  If you live in Orange County or plan to visit there I highly recommend this place, they regularly feature a gluten free doughnut which is the main reason I like to go and their butter and salt doughnut is my favorite.  

I also took my husband to see Deadpool at a luxury theater winning me major wife points.  If you haven't visited a luxury movie theater, I highly recommend that as well!  Reclining seats, tasty food and beverage options, and the ability to choose your seat are great perks.

Of course we also went to a nice dinner down in Laguna Beach, where there are several amazing restaurants to try such as Broadway by Amar Santana, Three Seventy Common, Watermark, Nick's, and 230 Forest Avenue, which is where we went.

As for my the Valentine gift I got for my husband . . . now I obviously like to make gifts and I have a thing for creating "kits".  I decided to create a date night kit which kind of benefits both of us and included fun things and handmade things.  I found several great websites that had cool ideas and print outs to help make your own kit which I will share.

Here is the tag I made, I just printed it out and used Washi tape to attach it to card stock.

Here is what I included in my kit . . .

1. A date night idea jar, this one I found from Uncommon Goods.  You can purchase it here:

Date Night Bucket List

2.  For a group date I bought a game since my husband loves games.  I bought "The Contender" from Amazon which is a fun debate game and works similar to Apples to Apples.

3. For a funny date, I created people bingo game cards. My husband and I love to people watch and often do so on dates.  Here are the bingo cards:

4.  For a sexy date night, this one is easy, you could do lingerie, candles, games, etc.  I have a thing for goofy boxers so I picked some clothing items and wrapped them in a bag.  There are some great ideas on these websites too:

5.  For a pampered date I found some cool printables here: Spoil Your Spouse

Some other things I included . . . candy for a "Movie Date Night" which I would have added movie tickets but we currently have a bunch of those.  I also wrapped some electric candles for a "Romantic Date Night".  You could easily add a bottle of wine or a giftcard to a restaurant.  U put everything in a tin and was done!

Found this one at Hobby Lobby:

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!