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A Busy Bee's Guide To Traveling

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For someone with food allergies it can be really daunting to think about going on vacation for a week.  I am currently preparing for a weeks vacation in Cabo San Lucas for my parent's wedding.  I typically avoid mexican food as I can't eat most of its staples such as tomatoes, avocado, peppers, beans, and soy which a lot of mexican food is cooked in.  So . . . going to Mexico for a week sounds scary to my stomach!  Although the thought of how much weight I could lose not eating anything while spending a week in a bikini sounds good, I know I will need to eat something to keep from being in a constant state of "hangry".  

First step to preparing . . . I have been informed that we will be going to Walmart to stock up on snacks and things and I know we will have a kitchen in our room so that is a plus!  However, in my experience, going to a grocery store without a plan can also be very stressful for me as I typically can't eat that many processed or packaged foods so I am pretty limited by what I can find at a grocery store.  The key is having a list ahead of time so that I don't get overwhelmed by reading all the labels one by one down an aisle.  So, I have prepared my possible snacks list, here are some things on it:

  • apple sauce
  • salami 
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • cashews
  • pickles
  • olives
  • fresh fruit (I think that's safe to eat from Mexico)

Next step . . . what am I allowed to bring into Mexico.  I looked online and I think that I can bring things that are sealed and aren't fresh fruit and meats.  I am planning on possibly bringing some gluten free crackers, maybe some allergy free cookies (so I am not tempted by other sweet things).  I was told tea is hard to find so maybe some tea and possibly some sweet potato chips.

Final step . . . I know there are several restaurants where we are staying so I am looking up their menus online and making a list of the restaurants that I know I can find things at and writing down some options at the restaurants. That way I don't get anxiety about finding something quick when I am there and eating something I should't.  In the moment I sometimes forget to ask about certain things or order on impulse so this should help.

Extras: I am also making sure I bring all my suppliments and digestive aides so that If I do have a problem I will be prepared to deal with it.  Examples of things I bring to help with my stomach:

  • Digestive Enzymes (this helps when I know I am eating something I shouldn't which is sometimes avoidable)
  • Young Living's Digest and Cleanse (a suppliment filled with great oils to help digestion)
  • My usual daily suppliments: probiotics, fiber, fish oils
  • Essential oils: Digize, Peppermint (works great for gas!)
  • Glutagenics (a powder that works for coating and protecting your stomach)