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Casual Dinner Party

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My goal this year is to throw more dinner parties, it is so nice to prepare a dinner for friends and visit for a while.  For my first attempt at a dinner party I invited my brother and his girlfriend over for a birthday celebration.  I have a particular diet so we prepared a tasty allergy friendly meal and I had a lot of fun preparing the space.  Here are some highlights and tips for planning your own dinner party in a jiffy.

Decor:  A bouquet of flowers broken up using tiny vases (probably from the dollar tree), place mats and napkins on sale at Target, handwritten cards on kraft paper, done!


The Menu: Chicken Sage Patties from the Autoimune Paleo Cookbook, Sauted garlic spinach, mashed tumeric sweet potatoes and a salad with a homemade citrus vinegarette (my husband's creations)  For dessert, flourless orange chocolate cake (thanks Pinterest!)Recipe here: Chocolate Cake

Good Company!  After a lovely dinner we played the game Drawful, my favorite!  It is a digital game that is part of the Jackbox party pack, I think you can get it on Xbox.  Its a game of goofy drawing using your phone, hilarious and so much fun.