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Bee Kind Project

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So February is fast approaching and after having an emotional month both at work and outside, I have decided to focus on spreading kindness this upcoming month.  My plan is to complete at least one random act of kindness a day for the month of February.  I have collected a list of random acts for inspiration.  There are a ton of great list out there, here are some for inspiration . .

I designed some tags so that I could attach them to things or leave them behind to help promote paying it forward.  I can't wait to get started!

Here are some cool resources for cards to help spread kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness

Spread Kindness Website

Help spread kindness and share with me!  #beekindproject2017

Planning for April

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As March is coming to an end, it's time to take a look forward at April and get my planning on.   This month I decided to create a flyer with some ideas and inspiration for April.  Here is what I came up with this month:

This month I wanted to focus on choosing washi tape and planning a color scheme for the monthly view.  Having too many colors and designs can often make it more overwhelming rather than fun and helpful.  

Choosing washi tape . . . ideally you want one main pattern that is your focus, something fun and exciting.  Next you need at least two more supporting washi tapes, ones that match a color in your main pattern and at least one that you can write over with sharpie.  You don't really want more than 4 washi tapes unless they are very simple.  Here are some color combinations that we came up with . . .

I used some of the colors on the left, here is my before and after picture of my monthly view.

Not only did we have fun with washi but we played with these cute stamps I found at Michael's that have different icons.

We also made sure to plan fun events and time for self love.

Here is some more inspiration using a Blue Sky planner.  I love that there is a big block of space at the top to write quotes.  To order a Blue Sky planner check them out at

Happy Planning!

3 Inspiring Artists

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So, this past weekend I was able to attend the CTN Animation Expo with my husband.  This was my first time going and it was quite an experience!  There were so many amazingly talented artists it was both overwhelming and incredible inspiring!  I have been super busy lately and haven't made much time for creating, luckily this expo made me so excited to get back to creating that I am hoping I can make time.  Here are three artists that were at the expo that really helped to inspire me to get back to creating . . .


I was mesmerized by Julie's paper collaged pieces.  I am such a tactile person that I just adored the texture and detail she could get with cut paper.  Her art made me eager to explore collage more.  Here is one of my favorite prints by her . . .

If you want to check out more of her work here is her website:


I was also inspired by Alina's awesome watercolors.  I love working with watercolors and just love the movement and mood Alina creates in her compositions.  She does some really cool illustrations of the astrology signs.  Her characters are just so sweet looking and the effects she creates with watercolor are stunning.  Check this one out . . .


To check out her work go to:


I just love this illustrator!  Her pieces have such a great feel to them, I love the texture in her scenes and her color palettes.  I was drawn into her booth by this one print that just has such a cool composition and of course a cat.  Who doesn't love an illustrator that draws cute cats?

Here is the piece I just loved . . .

To check out more of Meg's work go to her site:

I am always looking for great artists so if you have anyone that inspires you please share in the comments!!