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Goal Setting Freebie!

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I am working on setting some goals as the New Year creeps up, I thought I would make a goal setting sheet and share it with others interested in setting some goals.  

I find that yearlong (New Year's resolutions) never really stick for me so I will be working more on monthly goals.

I wish you good luck on your goal setting and a Happy New Year!

Make this year a year of finding, of fulfillment, of joy, peace, and purpose.

If you are planning on hosting a New Year's Party, here are some fun decor and party ideas I've been looking at:

Oh Happy Day!

5 Things That Lowered My Stress Levels

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I have always been a very stressed person.  I enjoy keeping myself busy and I tend to be an internalizer so I have always had trouble with stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks.  I have tried many things but have noticed a huge decrease in my stress levels in this past year.  I thought I would share what I think has contributed to this in case it may help someone else.

#1- DIET

The first thing that I think has contributed to my personal health has been changing my diet.  I have always had stomach problems and after seeing a new doctor I started a new diet called the Autoimmune Paleo Diet.  This diet is often used to treat chronic illness and I was suffering from leaky gut which caused my body to be inflamed on the inside.  This diet helped heal a number of ailments such as heartburn, fatigue, stomach pain, and blood sugar issues.  After going through that experience I now understand that diet can really affect how our body feels as well as our mood and mental health.  I think the food I had been eating was actually causing my body to react which was making me more stressed out.  If you are thinking about trying the Autoimmune Paleo Diet I highly recommend this book:


The second thing that I think made a big impact on my stress was attending a workshop on how to effectively use a planner.  I know that sounds odd but I will explain.  I often had trouble falling asleep as I would run through things stored in my head.  After taking the workshop I realized the amount of information I had stored in my head, everything I needed to remember or "to-do's" that week.  When you are a stressed person you don't need to have extra things in your head to worry about along with everyday worries.  So now, all the things I need to remember are stored in my planner and I never have to rely on remembering those things, which frees up my head a little. It's funny the things you keep cluttered in your subconscious that you don't often aknowledge.  Here is a look at my crazy planner which now represents how my brain used to be.


For me this has been really important, I think everyone needs to find something that they are interested in and that makes them happy.  For me this is creating things, when I am creating things I forget about my stressors and get a mental break from the everyday grind.  The hardest part for me is making that a priority, because it is fun it is hard to justify setting time to do that over more pressing matters but it needs to be done.  There are nights when I don't get laundry done or I don't make it to the gym but if it makes me happy and it lowers my stress it is worth it.


Even though I go through periods when I don't make time to work out, I do realize how important it is to reducing my stress.  My exercise of choice is yoga which is a great sport for dealing with stress.  I find yoga forces me to slow down when I like to move fast through my day.  It also allows me to listen to my thoughts and become more in tune with what is causing me stress so I can address it.  Whatever your exercise preference is, just moving and getting your blood flowing is great for relieving stress and getting into a good mood.  I never leave yoga unhappy or feeling bad.  


This is a small thing but has definitely helped me as a person who likes to pack their schedule.  I like to feel productive and when I was often stressed and trying to remember all my "to-do's" in my head, everything had to be done right there and now or I might forget about it.  Now that I have everything written down and it is really easy to move things on my list to another day I always ask myself, "does this need to be done right now?".  Now everything is less urgent and I no longer spend long hours at work or up late at night working on things.  I take care of what needs to be done that day and then I pass on things that aren't urgent when I am feeling worn out or stressed.

I would say that two years ago my stress levels were a 10!  Now I would say they are down to a 5!  I rarely have panic attacks and find I am getting more restful sleep.  I would love to hear any strategies that others have used to lower their stress.  Share in the comments below!

3 Great Pattern Design Books

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So I have been all about designing patterns lately and I have found some really great resources to help me along my way and thought I would share them. . .

1. A Field Guide to Fabric Design by Kimberly Kight

This is a great introduction and overview to all things pattern design.  It goes over the basics to types of patterns and then all the way through digitizing your patterns and having them printed.  It also shows you how to screen print your own patterns.  It is a very informative book and easy to understand.

2. Color + Pattern, 50 Playful Exercises for Exploring Pattern Design by Khristian A. Howell

This is a fun book that gives you different prompts to help inspire new patterns.  I love this idea and it's great if you are feeling stuck creatively.  This would just be a fun book to give you ideas for sketches in your sketchbook as well as ideas for designing patterns.  This book also features different pattern designers and their work which which is also inspiring.

3.  The Spoonflower Handbook 

This is a fun book that talks about pattern design as well as how to use their website to print your patterns and also gives you ideas of things to make with your patterns.  This is an all inclusive idea book from pattern to product which I really enjoy.  I use their website to print a lot of my designs so this is a very useful tool.  It's also got some really great photos.

I would love to hear of any other great pattern books, so please share!

My Favorite Resources

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This was my first week back at school so I pretty much have not had any time that wasn't directed towards creating things for my classroom.  So for this weeks post I thought I would just share some of my favorite crafty books, resources, and places to find helpful information for the artist or general crafter.

Let's start with some of my favorite crafty books . . 

The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin

This has been such a helpful and inspiring book while I learn how to get my business up and running.  It has some great insight from practicing artists and business owners.  I would definitely check it out if you are thinking of taking your crafts to the next level!

Hand-Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt

This is such a fun book if you are interested in hand lettering.  I love to create signage and design chalkboard displays so this is a fun activity book to help practice those skills.  The author an amazing illustrator too so check her out!

Re-bound by Jeannine Stein

If you are interested in creating cool journals and repurposing recyclable materials this one is a fun one!  It has some cool practical projects and a ton of fun ideas to try.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford

This is a super fun coloring book for people of any age!  I love the designs and find that coloring helps get my mind off stressful things.  Its a simple kind of therapy that everyone should have in their home!

Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

This is a really cute book with all kinds of easy diy projects for your home.  These sisters are amazing crafters and photographers.  I also follow their blog A Beautiful Mess!  They are amazing, pretty much my idols.

Now on to a few magazines . . . 

Mingle is a great publication part of Stampington and Company.

This magazine has beautiful and inspiring images and super cute ideas for entertaining.  There are several other Somerset magazines that I love such as Somerset Home.  You can find these at a bookstore or craft store.

Paper Source is a great magazine/company.  They have all kinds of paper crafts and stationary for every event.  I just found out they have a store near me . . . very dangerous!

Another company I just love!! is Rifle Paper Co.  They have all kinds of artwork and stationary that is just addicting.

Some great websites to check out . . .

Spoonflower, this is a great website to by neat fabric and wrapping paper.  This is also a site where you can upload your own designs and get it printed on fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper.  I have a few designs on there now that you can check out!


Etsy, if you don't know what Etsy is please check it out at  This is a great site where artists and artisans can sell their handcrafted items.  I've bought some really cool stuff off there and I currently have my own store there so you can purchase my handmade goods.


Pinterest, this is an awesome website where you can collect websites and resources for diy projects, recipes, and great inspiration for projects.  


Squarespace, this is an awesome website to create a nice looking personal or business website.  It is super easy to use and manage and looks super professional.


Skillshare, this is a website that offers online courses to enhance your artistic skills. It is pretty cool cause you get to watch your favorite professional artists teach you their crafts and then you can upload your projects.


I would love to hear what inspires you and what cool resources you enjoy!