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5 Things That Lowered My Stress Levels

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I have always been a very stressed person.  I enjoy keeping myself busy and I tend to be an internalizer so I have always had trouble with stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks.  I have tried many things but have noticed a huge decrease in my stress levels in this past year.  I thought I would share what I think has contributed to this in case it may help someone else.

#1- DIET

The first thing that I think has contributed to my personal health has been changing my diet.  I have always had stomach problems and after seeing a new doctor I started a new diet called the Autoimmune Paleo Diet.  This diet is often used to treat chronic illness and I was suffering from leaky gut which caused my body to be inflamed on the inside.  This diet helped heal a number of ailments such as heartburn, fatigue, stomach pain, and blood sugar issues.  After going through that experience I now understand that diet can really affect how our body feels as well as our mood and mental health.  I think the food I had been eating was actually causing my body to react which was making me more stressed out.  If you are thinking about trying the Autoimmune Paleo Diet I highly recommend this book:


The second thing that I think made a big impact on my stress was attending a workshop on how to effectively use a planner.  I know that sounds odd but I will explain.  I often had trouble falling asleep as I would run through things stored in my head.  After taking the workshop I realized the amount of information I had stored in my head, everything I needed to remember or "to-do's" that week.  When you are a stressed person you don't need to have extra things in your head to worry about along with everyday worries.  So now, all the things I need to remember are stored in my planner and I never have to rely on remembering those things, which frees up my head a little. It's funny the things you keep cluttered in your subconscious that you don't often aknowledge.  Here is a look at my crazy planner which now represents how my brain used to be.


For me this has been really important, I think everyone needs to find something that they are interested in and that makes them happy.  For me this is creating things, when I am creating things I forget about my stressors and get a mental break from the everyday grind.  The hardest part for me is making that a priority, because it is fun it is hard to justify setting time to do that over more pressing matters but it needs to be done.  There are nights when I don't get laundry done or I don't make it to the gym but if it makes me happy and it lowers my stress it is worth it.


Even though I go through periods when I don't make time to work out, I do realize how important it is to reducing my stress.  My exercise of choice is yoga which is a great sport for dealing with stress.  I find yoga forces me to slow down when I like to move fast through my day.  It also allows me to listen to my thoughts and become more in tune with what is causing me stress so I can address it.  Whatever your exercise preference is, just moving and getting your blood flowing is great for relieving stress and getting into a good mood.  I never leave yoga unhappy or feeling bad.  


This is a small thing but has definitely helped me as a person who likes to pack their schedule.  I like to feel productive and when I was often stressed and trying to remember all my "to-do's" in my head, everything had to be done right there and now or I might forget about it.  Now that I have everything written down and it is really easy to move things on my list to another day I always ask myself, "does this need to be done right now?".  Now everything is less urgent and I no longer spend long hours at work or up late at night working on things.  I take care of what needs to be done that day and then I pass on things that aren't urgent when I am feeling worn out or stressed.

I would say that two years ago my stress levels were a 10!  Now I would say they are down to a 5!  I rarely have panic attacks and find I am getting more restful sleep.  I would love to hear any strategies that others have used to lower their stress.  Share in the comments below!

Lifestyle of a Busy Bee

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After a slow recovery from the flu, I have gotten back into my studio and feeling inspired.  So far my blog has been my way to share my love of creating and how I work that into my busy bee lifestyle.  While I am busy finding time to create while working a full time job I often have to make time for important things such as eating, which can be difficult for me.  I have a tough relationship with food and I find that there are many people who have similar issues.  I thought I would work that into my blogging in the hopes that it could help at least one person who struggles with similar issues.

To start I'll share some background, I have always had stomach issues.  I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome back when they were just learning about it and was told my options were to figure out triggers and avoid them or take anti anxiety meds.  I decided to try to live with it until I decided to eliminate gluten.  This was a big help but definitely didn't solve my issues.  I later visited a new doctor who prescribed me meds for my heartburn issues.  While preparing for my wedding, my stress aggravated my stomach issues and I was dealing with really bad heartburn on a daily basis.  I decided to see a gastroenterologist who had me do a scope to check for damage from the heartburn.  After being told the heartburn meds were working even though I didn't feel that they were I gave up on the doctor and started to see a more holistic practitioner.  For me, this was life changing.  This new doctor identified that I had leaky gut and after a strict diet and supplements all of my issues were pretty much gone!  I no longer had heartburn or daily stomach upsets.  I then tried to reintroduce foods and found some of my triggers.  

Where I am right now . . . i still follow pretty close to an autoimmune paleo diet while taking supplements.  My problems are not all solved but my quality of life is much better.  My challenge now is finding ways to stick to my diet and take care of myself while eating on the go, traveling, and entertaining.  

In between sharing my crafting ideas I will share some strategies I have developed to help deal with these issues.  I would also love to hear some strategies or ideas that you use if you have similar issues or dietary restrictions.