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Quick Saturday DIY

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So my husband is recovering from a nasty cold this winter break and I have been doing everyting I can to fight it off.  Last night I had some sinus pressure and used a heated pack on my face to help.  I woke this morning thinking, I should make my own pack using essential oils and the face mask templete I had sitting in my office for another sewing project.  So here is my craft of the day, it took about 10 minutes as I had all the supplies already on hand.

First, I used my mask template I downloaded from this cool craft blog

Here the supplies I used:

  • Mask template from above, or trace some sunglasses and make your own.
  • Fabric (I used a cute cactus print fabric I had and a second soft fabric that happened to match)  You only really need one print.
  • Elastic (only need if you want it to hold on your head, you could easily do this without it if you just want to lay down and put it on your eyes)
  • Rice
  • Essential oils
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)

FIRST: I traced the template on my fabric and cut it out, you need two pieces.

NEXT: you pin them right sides together, I also tucked in some elastic and pocked it out through one side.


THEN: I carefully stitched around using a sewing machine and leaving one area on the side of the mask open (this is where the other end of the elastic was sticking out.


I then turned the fabric right side out and used a bone folder to help push out the sides,  you could use anything else like a pencil too.


To prepare the filling, I put some rice in a bowl and sprinkled some drops of essential oils on it.  I used about 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of the Young Living RC (my favorite!)  which is a mix of eucalyptus, cypress, and spruce.  Peppermint would probably work as well.  I was also going to put some dried lavender in there but I couldn't find it.  You can also use other items as fillers such as dried beans or lentils.  I let the rice sit for about 10 min.

I then used a funnel to fill the mask mostly full but not all the way.


After filling it, I tucked the other end of the elastic in (after measuring around my head and trimming it, and folded over the edges.  I sewed the end shut and then lay the mask down to even out the filling.  Here is what the front and back look like:


I tested it out and it worked perfectly!  


I might make another one but just a stuffed rectangular pouch.  That would be a lot simpler and you don't really need a template.  It would be great for heating and using on your forehead.  

Happy Saturday . . . I hope you create something today!


Repurpose Your Gift Wrap Scraps

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So this season I designed a simple green tree gift wrap and after wrapping a small gift I realized I had extra scraps that I didn't want to go to waste!  Here are a few ideas for things to create with extra gift wrap or scrapbook paper. 

Here are some helpful tools . . .

You can find the punches on Amazon or at Paper Sources, here is a link to the envelope templates: Paper Source

You can also find envelope templates by just searching online and then print them out and trace them.

Oh! Another tool I almost forgot but is really handy is a bone folder, I use this to smooth down the folds so they are nice and crisp.  To seal the edges of the envelopes a glue stick or double sided tape works great.

I love this tag punch, I use it to make tags out of everything.  I especially like making tags out of old Christmas cards and then using them later.  It works great for kraft paper and my gift wrap (my gift wrap is a little sturdier than most)  This might not work on more flimsy gift wrap.

I made these with the small envelope guide, they would be great for cute notes or to put on Christmas presents as well.

I also used the bigger template to make a larger envelope with the bigger spare pieces I had.

Here I used my triangle punch to create a tree card.  Super simple and cute!

I used my embosser to create the star cause . . . embossing is fun!

Want to purchase some of my tree gift wrap?  Check it out here: Etsy

Crafting a Birthday Brunch

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So my girl friend's thirtieth birthday was coming up and my friends thought it would be nice to surprise her with a birthday brunch.  We were going to try out a new restaurant and everyone was assigned something to take care of such as flowers, dessert, balloons, etc.  I was in charge of bringing a sign or banner and some decorations as I tend to be the more craftier one.  So with a few days to prepare something, this is what I came up with.

1. Easy chalkboard sign . . . I have this small square chalkboard sign that I bought at Joann's that I use for all types of occasions.  I just marked up a cute sign using a chalkboard marker and used some washi tape to add a little more detail and color to the sign.  The triangles I cut out of scrapbooking paper using this banner punch I just bought from Amazon.

2.  I created this cute banner for the table as I guessed we wouldn't have a large space to hang something.  I used the same banner punch and scrapbooking paper with some string.  To create the base I bought these cute little pots and used floral styrofoam glued in the bottom and skewers to hang the banner.

3.  I of course needed a wrapped gift that was just as crafty as the decor so I wrapped her gift in kraft paper and cut different floral shapes out of cardstock and glued it down.  This was pretty quick and surprisingly easy.

4. The last touch . . . I found this cute little party hats at target and had to get them!  They added a little playfulness to the table.

Just a few little projects made our brunch fun and beautiful. 

Tin Can Project

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So I've been collecting tin cans for no reason at all but the assumption that I will make something out of them.  I finally decided to try something as I am running out of room to hoard cans.  I decided to make a desk organizer for my office supplies.

Step 1- Screw the cans onto a wood board.

Step 2- Spray paint the cans and wood. (I started with white and then decided I didn't like it so covered it with blue).

Step 3- Fill with office supplies!  Or eating utensils for entertaining? Or use as a vase for flowers?, or a planter, etc.

This was such an easy project! Now go start hoarding cans and make something cool!

Here are some fun links to can ideas:


Crafty Texas Girls

Knick of Time

DIY Menu Board

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So I am horrible at meal planning and thought I would craft a menu board to make it easier with the hope that I will actually use it.


Wood boards (I fount this pre-stained pallette from Michaels), clips, screws, recipe cards/index cards, a pencil

Step One:

Mark where you want your clips, I used my recipe card to help space them out.  I was planning on screwing in the clips using the screws but the screw heads were too small to hold the clips.  Instead I just screwed in the screws and use them to hook the clips on, it works just as good.

Step two:

I then painted on the letters to mark the days, you could use a transfer method if you don't want to straight free hand them.  Check out my tutorial in a previous post.

Step three:

Hang recipe cards or index cards with meal ideas.

DONE! Now let's see if I actually do it . . .

A Product You Have to Try!

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I love this stuff!  Liquid gilding is like liquid gold leaf that you can paint on stuff.  I decided to play around and paint a bunch of stuff with the liquid gilding and this is what I did . . .

I painted some cute bee push pins:

I added some gilding to some watercolor paintings:

I updated my old whiteboard with some paint and gilding:

The brand I use is Martha Stewart and you can find it at Michael's.  Keep in mind it doesn't wash off like regular paint so I save two brushes especially for this so I don't ruin all my brushes.

I would love to see any cool things you create with liquid gilding!

Laundry Room Makeover

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Let me start by saying I am so thankful that I have a laundry room. That being said . . . i hated my laundry room!  I hated it because it was packed full of random things, it was crowded and hot.  My laundry room is actually located off the patio so you have to go outside to get to it.  Also, the  door doesn't really close all the way so it always gets dusty in there.  So I decided to spend some time on it to make it actually bearable.

Before:                                                                After:


So the first thing I did was paint the one wall behind the washer and dryer a pale blue leaving the white shelving.  I had cleared out the shelves and then replaced some items in some cute bins I picked up from target.  I had an adorable water jug that the top broke on so I used it to hold the Oxy Clean and then added the liquid detergent to the shelf.  I switched to a small mason jar to measure the detergent and placed it on a coaster made by putting furniture protectors on the bottom of a white tile (check out my tile tutorial for more info).

Next, I moved the washer and dryer against the side walls so I could have some space in between to put some storage.  I would like to eventually put a cabinet there but for now I found this bathroom organizer that fits right into the space.

I also spray painted a tub I had lying around the house to hold my husband's stinky gym stuff and hung a car trashcan on the wall with "lint" painted on it for all that lint you pull out of the dryer.

I replaced my janky drying rack with this slightly nicer ikea wire rack that folds down so I can save some space.

Lastly, I added a few hand painted wooden signs, check out my tutorial on how to create your own signs: in a previous blog post.

and a few laundry reference pictures I bought at a Patchwork festival.  Here are some you can get off Etsy: Letteredandlined

I also added a vase with fake flowers from Home Goods and spray painted a can to hold some doggie bags.

I have to say I now smile every time i go into my laundry room!  I still have some more work to do such as switch out the over head light and put a new door on the room but I no longer dread being in there.  Please share any ideas or photos of your laundry room!  

DIY Painted Wood Signs

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I love creating my own wooden signs for the house!  They are so fun and easy!  For my most recent Craft Workshop I taught a simple technique for creating easy painted signs.

So here are some techniques that you can use:

1. Sticker Method

Basically, you paint your board, you place letter stickers down, paint over and remove the stickers and voila!

Okay, so here are some tips . . . this doesn't work great with stickers!  Mainly because the stickers sometimes get soggy and when its dry and you try to peel them they come off in chucks.  This requires a lot of picking.  

What works a lot better are vinyl letters!  Also, you usually get some bleeding of the paint through the edges in some places so I had to touch it up with a brush after. 

This is probably the easiest route but you are limited with the font and size of the vinyl letters.

2. Stencil Method

So on this one I painted my wood then used a chevron stencil for the pattern and then a letter stencil for the "A" using a foam brush.  This is another easier technique but has a few problems.  Make sure you tape the stencil down really well, as there is usually a little bleed through with this as well.  I did go back and touch it up with a brush after.  The limits of this process are that you are limited with the font and size like the sticker method.  This has a cool look though if you like that stencil appearance.

3.  Transfer Method

This one is my favorite!  I use this most often however it is slightly more challenging than the other two techniques.  

First I painted the wood block and set aside to dry.  I then printed out my letters on a printer.  You could do this in a word document or photoshop.  

Here is my brother's sign, he painted it to look a little weather by not completely covering the wood board.

Here is my brother's sign, he painted it to look a little weather by not completely covering the wood board.


I then prep my letters for transfer, you can use a piece of carbon paper or transfer paper but I prefer to just use a pencil as it is easier to erase.  So to create your own transfer paper you scribble on the back side of your letter sheet using a regular pencil.  I sometimes will use a white charcoal pencil if my board is painted a dark color.

You then tape the letters on your board aligning them where you want.

You then trace over the outside of the letters using a pen or pencil.  The idea is that wherever you press down it will transfer the pencil to your board.  Her I did the same process using white charcoal on a black board . . 

It helps to peak to make sure it is transferring to the board.  After that you just paint in the lines using a small brush.  

Paint- tips on paint . . . you can always use acrylic craft paint from a craft store but I tend to collect "Oops" paints from Home Depot.  These are paints that they mixed up and someone didn't want or were mixed wrong and they sell them for around 50 cents.  I collect those and find they work really great for these kinds of projects.


Finishing touches . . . 

Sometimes I will use sand paper to remove some paint on the edges to give it a more rustic look!

To prep them for hanging, you can purchase hanging brackets from a hardware store or a Aaron Brothers.  I tend to save the ones from frames I didn't need them for so I usually have a stash.  Home depot has some good ones you just hammer in the back.

Here are some fun signs i've created for my place using the transfer method:

Happy making!

DIY Covered Stool

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As a teacher, I don't sit much and find that my feet really hurt by the end of the day.  So on a quest to encourage myself to sit a little I thought I would make a teacher's chair for my classroom.  This is a little how to for creating any type of upholstered stool.

I started with a stool that I found out on the "magic" corner of our street where fun stuff shows up and disappears quickly.  I nabbed this stool a while ago and have used it as a plant stand in my garden until I decided it would make a good teacher chair.

I started by sanding and painting the stool.  I probably should have primed it but I was lazy and just went for the paint.

Next I cut a piece of foam the size of the top of the stool, I recommend cutting it a little bigger than the top so it will wrap around a little.

Next, I cut a large piece of fabric much larger than the size of the top of the stool.  I laid out the fabric and turned the stool and foam upside down on the fabric and pulling the fabric tightly I stapled the fabric to the underside of the stool.  I stapled by starting in the middle of each side and then stapled the corners last.  I then trimmed excess fabric off.

Then you have your covered stool!  It's not perfect but it will work in my crazy messy art room!

Tips on supplies:

You can purchase the fabric and foam from Joann's, the staple gun and paint from Home Depot.  Super easy!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Cake Plate

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I love to entertain and I am currently planning an end of summer party.  I created a cake plate stand a while ago and thought it would be fun to create a few more as part of the table setting for the party.  I also played around with some hand painted flowers to add a cute touch and tie it in with the decor of my kitchen.  


This cake plate pretty much cost about $2.00 to make!  So easy and cheap!

Basically I purchased a plate and a goblet, drinking glass, or bowl from either the dollar tree or the 99cent store.  I then glued the glass or bowl to the underside of the plate using E6000 glue.  I then spray painted them.

For the blue one, this was a bowl and a plate which I spray painted and then hand painted flowers using acrylic paint.  I then sprayed it with a clear acrylic coat to protect the painted flowers.

As for the red and white plate . . . the red one is an upside down goblet glued to a plate and spray painted red.  The white one was a cute bowl and smaller plate I found at the 99cent store that had some nice detail on it.  I glued it together and didn't even spray paint it because I wanted a white one.  So easy! 

So now I have a cute set of cake plates I can use to serve goodies at my next party!

DIY Jewelry Storage

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So . . . a friend of mine commissioned me to make her something to use as jewelry storage.  There are so many cute ideas out there!  I hang my jewelry on a frame with hooks on it but I wanted to come up with something that could be used for more than necklaces.  So this is what I came up with . . .

I love it because it can be hung on a wall or free standing.  So this is how I made it . ..

First I needed to gather a few tools and materials:

  • Crate (craft store)
  • Paint and brush, I used a teal chalk paint (craft store)
  • Spray paint for grate (home depot)
  • Metal grate (craft store or home depot)
  • Sheers that will cut metal (home depot)
  • Gloves for working with metal (home depot)  I found mine at Joann's
  • Wooden nobs (craft store)
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws
  • Hooks 
  • Mason jar
  • pencil
  • Screwdriver or drill

Step 1:  Sand and paint your crate

Step 2: Lay the metal grate over the top of the crate and mark where you need to cut it to fit inside.

Step 3: Cut the grate using the sheers while wearing gloves so you don't cut yourself on the metal edges.  Then spray paint your grate if you would like or leave it a nice metallic color.

Step 4: carefully place the grate into the crate (you may have to make a few trips to set it to fit better).  I then added a screw in each corner to lock down the grate to the crate.

Step 5:  Mark and screw in the hooks to the underside of the top of the crate.  I used both smaller hooks and larger ones.  These will be used for necklaces.


Step 6: paint and add some wooden pegs.  I got mine from Joann's in the wood working section.  The side pegs are candle holders or something like that and the bottom peg is a wooden person peg.  I painted them and then attached them to the crate with gorilla glue.  The side pegs are great for bracelets and watches and the bottom one is for rings.

Step 7: I just added a mason jar with a little twine tied on it.  I didn't attach this in case you wanted to pull it out and look through earrings but you could also attach this to the base if you didn't want it to move.

You now have a cute way to store your jewelry!

Busy Bee Craft Nights!

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After attending a painting and wine event with my girlfriends they commented that I should host a similar night at my house where I could teach them how to paint.  Although, I liked that idea, I thought I would branch out and host a craft night where I could teach them how to make cute practical crafts instead of having everyone paint the same picture to take home and hide.  

Craft Night Checklist . . . 

Wine . . .



Cute work area . . .

Check! (kraft paper, sharpie, white paint!)

Check! (kraft paper, sharpie, white paint!)

Supplies . . .


Willing instructor . . .


So this was my first craft night . . . I decided to show a technique for creating custom coasters out of tiles.  This makes such a cute gift and it can be really simple or more creative depending on your interests.

Here are my instructions for creating the tiles:

DIY Photo Coasters



·      4 subway tiles 4”x4”(home depot)

·      Foam brush (craft store)

·      Matte Modge Podge (craft store)

·      Spray Acrylic Coating (home depot/craft store)

·      Felt furniture pads (home depot)

·      4 photos printed slightly smaller than 4”x4”



·      Cut out photos

·      Apply modge podge using a foam brush to tiles

·      Place images onto tiles centering as best you can

·      Apply a coat of modge podge over the picture in one direction and let dry

·      Apply another coat going the opposite direction (do this several times)

·      When dry, spray with acrylic coating and let dry

·      Apply four furniture pads to the bottom corners of the tiles


You are finished!


Possible variations:

·      Use scrapbook paper and letters to crate monogramed tiles or holiday themed tiles

·      Use cut-outs from beer boxes

·      Create a collage using papers, magazine images or scraps to create an artistic look

·      Cut the images shorter and center closer to the top of the tile to make them look more like a polaroid

·      Paint on the tiles and then coat

Are the Dishes Dirty or Clean?

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Always asking that question I decided we needed a fridge sign for our dishes!  This is what I made and it took like 10 min.

Supplies Needed:

  • Card-stock or cardboard (I used scrap pieces from picture frames.
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Sticker letters
  • Glue
  • String
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Magnet (you can find magnet tape at craft stores)
  • Awl (optional)

I usually keep all the inserts to picture frames and small pieces of card stock and cardboard just in case, so I used this to create my two pieces.  

I used an x-acto to cut the two squares using a ruler.

I glued on some nice scrapbooking paper and then added stick on letters.  

Finally, I used an awl to poke the holes in each piece (you could use anything pointy and sharp, then tied some string between the two pieces and added a magnet behind the top cardboard piece.  This was such an easy and quick diy project, anyone could do it!


Sick Kit

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So, I love making kits.  I make kits as gifts for housewarming, girls nights, bachelorette parties, etc.  I recently caught a cold and started my usual routine of pulling out cough drops, tissues, meds, and planning my next movie marathon.  As I was recovering, I decided that it would be nice to have a box that I can pull out when I'm sick that has everything I need instead of searching the house for everything.  So this is what I came up with:

My kit includes:

Cold medicine





Shower tablets

Cough Drops

Heat pouch


Hair tie

Hand Sanitizer

List of movie marathon ideas and their times (found it here)

Now I'm ready for my next cold!