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Repurpose Your Gift Wrap Scraps

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So this season I designed a simple green tree gift wrap and after wrapping a small gift I realized I had extra scraps that I didn't want to go to waste!  Here are a few ideas for things to create with extra gift wrap or scrapbook paper. 

Here are some helpful tools . . .

You can find the punches on Amazon or at Paper Sources, here is a link to the envelope templates: Paper Source

You can also find envelope templates by just searching online and then print them out and trace them.

Oh! Another tool I almost forgot but is really handy is a bone folder, I use this to smooth down the folds so they are nice and crisp.  To seal the edges of the envelopes a glue stick or double sided tape works great.

I love this tag punch, I use it to make tags out of everything.  I especially like making tags out of old Christmas cards and then using them later.  It works great for kraft paper and my gift wrap (my gift wrap is a little sturdier than most)  This might not work on more flimsy gift wrap.

I made these with the small envelope guide, they would be great for cute notes or to put on Christmas presents as well.

I also used the bigger template to make a larger envelope with the bigger spare pieces I had.

Here I used my triangle punch to create a tree card.  Super simple and cute!

I used my embosser to create the star cause . . . embossing is fun!

Want to purchase some of my tree gift wrap?  Check it out here: Etsy

Crafting a Birthday Brunch

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So my girl friend's thirtieth birthday was coming up and my friends thought it would be nice to surprise her with a birthday brunch.  We were going to try out a new restaurant and everyone was assigned something to take care of such as flowers, dessert, balloons, etc.  I was in charge of bringing a sign or banner and some decorations as I tend to be the more craftier one.  So with a few days to prepare something, this is what I came up with.

1. Easy chalkboard sign . . . I have this small square chalkboard sign that I bought at Joann's that I use for all types of occasions.  I just marked up a cute sign using a chalkboard marker and used some washi tape to add a little more detail and color to the sign.  The triangles I cut out of scrapbooking paper using this banner punch I just bought from Amazon.

2.  I created this cute banner for the table as I guessed we wouldn't have a large space to hang something.  I used the same banner punch and scrapbooking paper with some string.  To create the base I bought these cute little pots and used floral styrofoam glued in the bottom and skewers to hang the banner.

3.  I of course needed a wrapped gift that was just as crafty as the decor so I wrapped her gift in kraft paper and cut different floral shapes out of cardstock and glued it down.  This was pretty quick and surprisingly easy.

4. The last touch . . . I found this cute little party hats at target and had to get them!  They added a little playfulness to the table.

Just a few little projects made our brunch fun and beautiful. 

Valentine's Gift Ideas

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It's been a while!  Valentine's day has passed but I thought I would still do little post about some ideas for celebrating your significant other.  My Valentine's day was spent going to our favorite fancy doughnut place called Sidecar Doughnuts.  If you live in Orange County or plan to visit there I highly recommend this place, they regularly feature a gluten free doughnut which is the main reason I like to go and their butter and salt doughnut is my favorite.  

I also took my husband to see Deadpool at a luxury theater winning me major wife points.  If you haven't visited a luxury movie theater, I highly recommend that as well!  Reclining seats, tasty food and beverage options, and the ability to choose your seat are great perks.

Of course we also went to a nice dinner down in Laguna Beach, where there are several amazing restaurants to try such as Broadway by Amar Santana, Three Seventy Common, Watermark, Nick's, and 230 Forest Avenue, which is where we went.

As for my the Valentine gift I got for my husband . . . now I obviously like to make gifts and I have a thing for creating "kits".  I decided to create a date night kit which kind of benefits both of us and included fun things and handmade things.  I found several great websites that had cool ideas and print outs to help make your own kit which I will share.

Here is the tag I made, I just printed it out and used Washi tape to attach it to card stock.

Here is what I included in my kit . . .

1. A date night idea jar, this one I found from Uncommon Goods.  You can purchase it here:

Date Night Bucket List

2.  For a group date I bought a game since my husband loves games.  I bought "The Contender" from Amazon which is a fun debate game and works similar to Apples to Apples.

3. For a funny date, I created people bingo game cards. My husband and I love to people watch and often do so on dates.  Here are the bingo cards:

4.  For a sexy date night, this one is easy, you could do lingerie, candles, games, etc.  I have a thing for goofy boxers so I picked some clothing items and wrapped them in a bag.  There are some great ideas on these websites too:

5.  For a pampered date I found some cool printables here: Spoil Your Spouse

Some other things I included . . . candy for a "Movie Date Night" which I would have added movie tickets but we currently have a bunch of those.  I also wrapped some electric candles for a "Romantic Date Night".  You could easily add a bottle of wine or a giftcard to a restaurant.  U put everything in a tin and was done!

Found this one at Hobby Lobby:

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Handmade Christmas

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This year my husband and I decided to make a lot of our christmas gifts, here are a few fun projects that made great gifts this year.

1. Handmade printed watercolor tea towels.

This project was my favorite!  I had created a watercolor of one of my favorite recipes, a mayo free potato salad, here is where I got the recipe from: Potato Salad Recipe

I scanned my watercolor and formatted it for a fat quarter then had it printed with 4 images to a yard through Spoonflower (  I found the watercolor printed very well!

I then cut the fat quarter pieces out and hemmed the sides to create the tea towels.  

I loved how they turned out!  If you aren't much of an artist you could also scan a handwritten recipe or a photo and have that printed.


2.  Hand painted constellation

For this I did several variations, I hand painted a circle with blue watercolor and then painted the constellations of the astrological signs of my friends and family. I also painted some more detailed pieces that feature a tent or beach scene and then had them scanned and printed and added the gold constellation over the print.  

3.  Family Birthday Board

My grandmother is always worrying about forgetting birthdays so I decided to make a birthday board that included all of the dates of our families birthdays.  I started with a plank board that I bought from Michael's already stained and everything (the same one I used for the menu board in a previous post).  I then painted on the words using the transfer method for "Family" and did the "birthday" and months by hand.  I had some small screw in hooks that I attached along the bottom of the board.

Next, I bought a bunch of small wooded tokens from Michaels and screwed two holes in them to attach them to the board.  I used twine to attach the tokens and wrote the names of family members and the numbers of their birthdays. I then tied them to the board.

My gifts went over pretty well and I had a great time working on them.

Busy Bee Craft Nights!

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After attending a painting and wine event with my girlfriends they commented that I should host a similar night at my house where I could teach them how to paint.  Although, I liked that idea, I thought I would branch out and host a craft night where I could teach them how to make cute practical crafts instead of having everyone paint the same picture to take home and hide.  

Craft Night Checklist . . . 

Wine . . .



Cute work area . . .

Check! (kraft paper, sharpie, white paint!)

Check! (kraft paper, sharpie, white paint!)

Supplies . . .


Willing instructor . . .


So this was my first craft night . . . I decided to show a technique for creating custom coasters out of tiles.  This makes such a cute gift and it can be really simple or more creative depending on your interests.

Here are my instructions for creating the tiles:

DIY Photo Coasters



·      4 subway tiles 4”x4”(home depot)

·      Foam brush (craft store)

·      Matte Modge Podge (craft store)

·      Spray Acrylic Coating (home depot/craft store)

·      Felt furniture pads (home depot)

·      4 photos printed slightly smaller than 4”x4”



·      Cut out photos

·      Apply modge podge using a foam brush to tiles

·      Place images onto tiles centering as best you can

·      Apply a coat of modge podge over the picture in one direction and let dry

·      Apply another coat going the opposite direction (do this several times)

·      When dry, spray with acrylic coating and let dry

·      Apply four furniture pads to the bottom corners of the tiles


You are finished!


Possible variations:

·      Use scrapbook paper and letters to crate monogramed tiles or holiday themed tiles

·      Use cut-outs from beer boxes

·      Create a collage using papers, magazine images or scraps to create an artistic look

·      Cut the images shorter and center closer to the top of the tile to make them look more like a polaroid

·      Paint on the tiles and then coat

Teacher Stuff

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I love the idea of selling something I have made; having someone else appreciate something that I enjoyed making.  So I am working on designing different products and experimenting with different ideas.  My target audience would most likely be people my age and possibly teachers.  I think it would be great if there were more fun artsy products to help keep teachers organized.  so far these are some of my creations . . . 

Lanyard and Coffee Koozie, a gift for a teacher friend

Lanyard and Coffee Koozie, a gift for a teacher friend

Basically, I found a bunch of fabrics with amazing prints that I just fell in love with so I decided to experiment with sewn items.  Sewing is not my forte but it's been fun to play around with it and I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

Personalized Teacher Clipboards

Personalized Teacher Clipboards

I've also been working on some organizers, mainly for my own use but maybe someone else might find them useful.

more ideas coming soon . ..