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So to start off 2016 I thought I would share a little about my studio.  I have been working hard to create a space that consists of more organized chaos as well as surrounding myself with inspiration to help get me excited about this spring and new creations.  It is by no way perfect but just the act of going through, organizing, and purging has helped create a space that has my creative juices flowing.  I am so excited about filling up my Etsy store with new creations this spring!

Check it out . . 

As you can see, it really is organized chaos, but trust me it makes sense!

I finally am able to keep my sewing machine on my desk!  I also just added some newly planted succulents, my favorite!  Hopefully inspiration for some fun felt cacti.

My handy brick bookend along with some great books for easy access. 

I found these handy washi tape dispensers at Michael's, I keep my favorite ones out so I don't have to dig for them when I need them.

I've kept up my clothesline to attach my current ideas, it's messy but I like having it right there to switch out when I need.

A small floating shelf for small items, I usually store my felt cactus projects here.

My husband and I love to collect artwork from current artists so I finally hung a bunch of it up.  I also added some of my geometric mobiles and an illustration I did a while ago.

I found this cute hanging cube from Michael's and of course hung the cork board I fixed up earlier.  The create sign I created a while ago using photographs I took down in Old Town, Orange.  They have awesome vintage signs and cool typography down in that area.

I was going for a gallery wall look made up of collected art, the cardboard deer left over from New Years, and my most recent weaving.

I bought these cool cubes on Amazon, you can get different ones and stack them together.  I might get a few more, they work great for storing all different kinds of things.

I love these carts, I found this one at Michael's on sale but have another one from Ikea.  They work great for storing items that you can roll out later when you need.

This was my most recent addition, a mail rack that I thought would be perfect for storing my sketches and my cute cards I get from my Happy Mail subscription.  I love mail and if you do too check this out: 

I am excited about what 2016 brings and I am looking forward to sharing my creations.

3 Inspiring Artists

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So, this past weekend I was able to attend the CTN Animation Expo with my husband.  This was my first time going and it was quite an experience!  There were so many amazingly talented artists it was both overwhelming and incredible inspiring!  I have been super busy lately and haven't made much time for creating, luckily this expo made me so excited to get back to creating that I am hoping I can make time.  Here are three artists that were at the expo that really helped to inspire me to get back to creating . . .


I was mesmerized by Julie's paper collaged pieces.  I am such a tactile person that I just adored the texture and detail she could get with cut paper.  Her art made me eager to explore collage more.  Here is one of my favorite prints by her . . .

If you want to check out more of her work here is her website:


I was also inspired by Alina's awesome watercolors.  I love working with watercolors and just love the movement and mood Alina creates in her compositions.  She does some really cool illustrations of the astrology signs.  Her characters are just so sweet looking and the effects she creates with watercolor are stunning.  Check this one out . . .


To check out her work go to:


I just love this illustrator!  Her pieces have such a great feel to them, I love the texture in her scenes and her color palettes.  I was drawn into her booth by this one print that just has such a cool composition and of course a cat.  Who doesn't love an illustrator that draws cute cats?

Here is the piece I just loved . . .

To check out more of Meg's work go to her site:

I am always looking for great artists so if you have anyone that inspires you please share in the comments!!