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Busy Bee's Movie Review

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So my friends were teasing me about reviewing movies on my blog so why not!  I love movies and would gladly watch them all day and often do when I stay home with a cold.  Since it's summer time and there are some good movies out I thought I would talk about just a few and include my doodle summaries of the movies.

Indie Movie- Swiss Army Man

My husband dragged me to this one and I had a slight idea of the concept.  Overall, I really liked the message, I thought the concept was very original (which is sometimes hard to find).  I could use a little less fart and boner jokes.  It reminded me of a cross between Safety Not Guaranteed and Weekend at Bernie's.  I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but for those that appreciate those quirky films with a message, you might like it.

On DVD- Zootopia

I have a hard time going to the theater to watch an animated film, maybe because I am around kids all day, but I was taken to see this one with my mother and husband (both who like animated films).  I thought this was actually very good and was pleasantly surprised.  I thought it was fun, cute, and very entertaining.  It had great jokes for a more mature crowd and the animation was beautiful.  I would gladly see this one again and highly recommend it.

In theaters- Me Before You

So this one I decided to watch after reading the book within 24 hours.  It was a wonderful book but very heart wrenching.  I wanted to see the movie after hearing that the author also wrote the screenplay.  The movie was wonderful, the actress who plays the main character was so fun to watch and the main male character was very easy on the eyes.  Even though it had some "Nicholas Sparks" vibes it was a great story and I thought they did a great job of summing up the book in an enjoyable way.

30th Boho Birthday Bash

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My husband and I love birthdays so we decided that we would celebrate our birthday months.  Planning my birthday is always a task and difficult for me.  I love to entertain and usually plan a small gathering with friends but find that I go into host mode and don't really enjoy my party.  So when my husband asked me this year what I wanted to do I thought about all my favorite things and decided I would spend a day doing my favorite things and whoever wanted to join me could.

So I made a list of all my favorite things and decided on yoga, tea, the ocean, movies, fuzzy socks, and PJ's.  My plan was, free yoga in the park in the morning with breakfast at the Dana Point Harbor (my happy place), then lunch and tea at the Royal Tea and Treatery (gluten free and dairy free!), then a movie, snacks, PJ's and fuzzy socks back at the house.  Here is how it went . . .

Amber's Birthday Bash.jpg

In the morning, I had kits ready for my girls with water bottles, fuzzy socks, and supplies to make boho flower crowns.

First stop was Dana Point!  I love the harbor so we went down there to get some breakfast then went to I heart yoga which is a donation based yoga that is every day in a park above the harbor.  There is nothing like doing yoga overlooking the ocean!

The next stop was Royal Tea and Treatery!  This is a cute cafe in Costa Mesa that is completely gluten free and dairy free.  They have amazing sandwiches, homemade hummus, tasty tea, and delicious scones and desserts.

I brought some small fake flowers to put into our twine headbands during lunch.  Here is how mine turned out.

Finally, we headed home to watch a movie.  I transformed my living room into a boho lounge and my husband prepared snacks for us to eat while we watch our movie.  I selected "Sisters" to watch, a hilarious film if you haven't seen it.

It was such a wonderful birthday!  I loved sharing things that were important to me with my friends and family.