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November Freebie

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Hello Friends!

I know it has been a while since I posted, it has been a busy year working on my other website and business Thistle + Things.  However, I have added a few travel themed artwork to my Etsy Shop and thought I would share a desktop wallpaper design I created for November.

Check out some new art on my Etsy shop

I have a watercolor map of the United States that works great for hand lettering if you are into that, which I am!


Here is my November desktop backdrop . . .

November_background copy.jpg

Handmade Christmas

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This year my husband and I decided to make a lot of our christmas gifts, here are a few fun projects that made great gifts this year.

1. Handmade printed watercolor tea towels.

This project was my favorite!  I had created a watercolor of one of my favorite recipes, a mayo free potato salad, here is where I got the recipe from: Potato Salad Recipe

I scanned my watercolor and formatted it for a fat quarter then had it printed with 4 images to a yard through Spoonflower (  I found the watercolor printed very well!

I then cut the fat quarter pieces out and hemmed the sides to create the tea towels.  

I loved how they turned out!  If you aren't much of an artist you could also scan a handwritten recipe or a photo and have that printed.


2.  Hand painted constellation

For this I did several variations, I hand painted a circle with blue watercolor and then painted the constellations of the astrological signs of my friends and family. I also painted some more detailed pieces that feature a tent or beach scene and then had them scanned and printed and added the gold constellation over the print.  

3.  Family Birthday Board

My grandmother is always worrying about forgetting birthdays so I decided to make a birthday board that included all of the dates of our families birthdays.  I started with a plank board that I bought from Michael's already stained and everything (the same one I used for the menu board in a previous post).  I then painted on the words using the transfer method for "Family" and did the "birthday" and months by hand.  I had some small screw in hooks that I attached along the bottom of the board.

Next, I bought a bunch of small wooded tokens from Michaels and screwed two holes in them to attach them to the board.  I used twine to attach the tokens and wrote the names of family members and the numbers of their birthdays. I then tied them to the board.

My gifts went over pretty well and I had a great time working on them.

3 Inspiring Artists

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So, this past weekend I was able to attend the CTN Animation Expo with my husband.  This was my first time going and it was quite an experience!  There were so many amazingly talented artists it was both overwhelming and incredible inspiring!  I have been super busy lately and haven't made much time for creating, luckily this expo made me so excited to get back to creating that I am hoping I can make time.  Here are three artists that were at the expo that really helped to inspire me to get back to creating . . .


I was mesmerized by Julie's paper collaged pieces.  I am such a tactile person that I just adored the texture and detail she could get with cut paper.  Her art made me eager to explore collage more.  Here is one of my favorite prints by her . . .

If you want to check out more of her work here is her website:


I was also inspired by Alina's awesome watercolors.  I love working with watercolors and just love the movement and mood Alina creates in her compositions.  She does some really cool illustrations of the astrology signs.  Her characters are just so sweet looking and the effects she creates with watercolor are stunning.  Check this one out . . .


To check out her work go to:


I just love this illustrator!  Her pieces have such a great feel to them, I love the texture in her scenes and her color palettes.  I was drawn into her booth by this one print that just has such a cool composition and of course a cat.  Who doesn't love an illustrator that draws cute cats?

Here is the piece I just loved . . .

To check out more of Meg's work go to her site:

I am always looking for great artists so if you have anyone that inspires you please share in the comments!!

A Product You Have to Try!

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I love this stuff!  Liquid gilding is like liquid gold leaf that you can paint on stuff.  I decided to play around and paint a bunch of stuff with the liquid gilding and this is what I did . . .

I painted some cute bee push pins:

I added some gilding to some watercolor paintings:

I updated my old whiteboard with some paint and gilding:

The brand I use is Martha Stewart and you can find it at Michael's.  Keep in mind it doesn't wash off like regular paint so I save two brushes especially for this so I don't ruin all my brushes.

I would love to see any cool things you create with liquid gilding!