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Lazy Girl Scrapbooking

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I love the idea of scrapbooking, mainly because I love paper, pattern, photos, and the idea of organizing things into pretty little pages.  I do not however have hours of time to dedicate to scrapbooking.  The main reason I have started to scrapbook is the fact that I have figured out a system and materials that make it really easy to scrapbook.

Supplies you need:

1.  Patterned paper:

I order occasional Messy Boxes from A Beautiful Mess because the paper they send comes in different sizes already cut to fit scrapbook pockets and they are coordinated to match.  They are also super cute rather than most that I see at the craft store.  Messy boxes are a subscription based product but they often run deals where you can purchase past boxes or a month's box for shipping only, sign up for their newsletter to get updates.

2.  Embellishments

I love washi tape which works great for taping down photos.  Letter stickers, cute cutouts, ribbon, anything that you can find in a craft store to add a little fun to the pages is nice but totally optional!

3.  Pictures

I sometimes print pictures at home, or send a sheet to kinkos, I even use mini polaroid pictures too.  If you want some nice ones you can print them pretty easily at Costo, but I am pretty lazy and don't care that much so I put them all on a document, print them out and cut them.

4.  Plastic scrapbook page organizers

The most important thing that makes this all easy are the page organizers!  You can buy these online or at craft stores.  Mine are the Simple Stories brand: Simple Stories , which I think I bought off Amazon but I know they sell some at Joann's and Michaels as well as A Beautiful Mess sells them.  What's great about these is they have different size pockets and you just plug in photos and paper and it creates an interesting layout.  The pages come in different layouts and you can buy a variety pack.

If you are a more computer savvy person then you might want to try and use in design to plan your photo sizes to fit the organizer pockets, I just started doing that and It makes the photo part much easier.

Here are some of my recent pages that I whipped together using the polaroids from my birthday.  They are super simple and didn't take long to construct.

Need some inspiration?  Check this out:

Happy Scrapbooking!!

Lifestyle of a Busy Bee

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After a slow recovery from the flu, I have gotten back into my studio and feeling inspired.  So far my blog has been my way to share my love of creating and how I work that into my busy bee lifestyle.  While I am busy finding time to create while working a full time job I often have to make time for important things such as eating, which can be difficult for me.  I have a tough relationship with food and I find that there are many people who have similar issues.  I thought I would work that into my blogging in the hopes that it could help at least one person who struggles with similar issues.

To start I'll share some background, I have always had stomach issues.  I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome back when they were just learning about it and was told my options were to figure out triggers and avoid them or take anti anxiety meds.  I decided to try to live with it until I decided to eliminate gluten.  This was a big help but definitely didn't solve my issues.  I later visited a new doctor who prescribed me meds for my heartburn issues.  While preparing for my wedding, my stress aggravated my stomach issues and I was dealing with really bad heartburn on a daily basis.  I decided to see a gastroenterologist who had me do a scope to check for damage from the heartburn.  After being told the heartburn meds were working even though I didn't feel that they were I gave up on the doctor and started to see a more holistic practitioner.  For me, this was life changing.  This new doctor identified that I had leaky gut and after a strict diet and supplements all of my issues were pretty much gone!  I no longer had heartburn or daily stomach upsets.  I then tried to reintroduce foods and found some of my triggers.  

Where I am right now . . . i still follow pretty close to an autoimmune paleo diet while taking supplements.  My problems are not all solved but my quality of life is much better.  My challenge now is finding ways to stick to my diet and take care of myself while eating on the go, traveling, and entertaining.  

In between sharing my crafting ideas I will share some strategies I have developed to help deal with these issues.  I would also love to hear some strategies or ideas that you use if you have similar issues or dietary restrictions.

Game Party!

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Just thought I would share a few little things I put together for my husbands game birthday.  He decided to do something similar to me and plan a day of stuff he enjoys doing and invite anyone to join in whenever they can.  It started with a kick boxing session at his gym, a tasy brunch at a lovely place called Break of Dawn, I highly recommend it if you live in Orange County or plan to visit.  We then went back to the house for some games, since my husband loves games!

Here are just a few things I put together for him to make his game time special . . .

First of all, he makes the best popcorn!  He makes it on the stove with coconut oil and it is so good!  So I put together a popcorn bar so people could snack while we played games.

I decorated with a few game details, nothing fancy! Here is a link for printing out Scrabble pieces for a sign: Scrabble Banner

The rest of the game pieces I just made with construction paper.

I also put together an ice cream bar as my husband LOVES ice cream!!

Of course I had to create a trophy for the person that had the most game wins!  I just screwed a toy dinosaur to a piece of wood and spray painted it gold, so easy!

As for the games, we just had a bunch out and people could play whatever, here are some fun games I would recommend . . .

  • Settlers of Catan 
  • Cards Against Humanity (adult)
  • Exploding Kittens (so awesome!)
  • Wits and Wagers
  • The Contender
  • DC Deck Building game (for the nerds)
  • Balderdash
  • Drawful by Jackbox (this is a game played on your phone using a game system)  This is my favorite and was a hit!! Here is a link with info: Drawful

Happy Gaming!

Planning for April

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As March is coming to an end, it's time to take a look forward at April and get my planning on.   This month I decided to create a flyer with some ideas and inspiration for April.  Here is what I came up with this month:

This month I wanted to focus on choosing washi tape and planning a color scheme for the monthly view.  Having too many colors and designs can often make it more overwhelming rather than fun and helpful.  

Choosing washi tape . . . ideally you want one main pattern that is your focus, something fun and exciting.  Next you need at least two more supporting washi tapes, ones that match a color in your main pattern and at least one that you can write over with sharpie.  You don't really want more than 4 washi tapes unless they are very simple.  Here are some color combinations that we came up with . . .

I used some of the colors on the left, here is my before and after picture of my monthly view.

Not only did we have fun with washi but we played with these cute stamps I found at Michael's that have different icons.

We also made sure to plan fun events and time for self love.

Here is some more inspiration using a Blue Sky planner.  I love that there is a big block of space at the top to write quotes.  To order a Blue Sky planner check them out at

Happy Planning!

30th Boho Birthday Bash

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My husband and I love birthdays so we decided that we would celebrate our birthday months.  Planning my birthday is always a task and difficult for me.  I love to entertain and usually plan a small gathering with friends but find that I go into host mode and don't really enjoy my party.  So when my husband asked me this year what I wanted to do I thought about all my favorite things and decided I would spend a day doing my favorite things and whoever wanted to join me could.

So I made a list of all my favorite things and decided on yoga, tea, the ocean, movies, fuzzy socks, and PJ's.  My plan was, free yoga in the park in the morning with breakfast at the Dana Point Harbor (my happy place), then lunch and tea at the Royal Tea and Treatery (gluten free and dairy free!), then a movie, snacks, PJ's and fuzzy socks back at the house.  Here is how it went . . .

Amber's Birthday Bash.jpg

In the morning, I had kits ready for my girls with water bottles, fuzzy socks, and supplies to make boho flower crowns.

First stop was Dana Point!  I love the harbor so we went down there to get some breakfast then went to I heart yoga which is a donation based yoga that is every day in a park above the harbor.  There is nothing like doing yoga overlooking the ocean!

The next stop was Royal Tea and Treatery!  This is a cute cafe in Costa Mesa that is completely gluten free and dairy free.  They have amazing sandwiches, homemade hummus, tasty tea, and delicious scones and desserts.

I brought some small fake flowers to put into our twine headbands during lunch.  Here is how mine turned out.

Finally, we headed home to watch a movie.  I transformed my living room into a boho lounge and my husband prepared snacks for us to eat while we watch our movie.  I selected "Sisters" to watch, a hilarious film if you haven't seen it.

It was such a wonderful birthday!  I loved sharing things that were important to me with my friends and family.

March Planning Party

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So, with a few new faces we got together to nerd out about planning and decorating with stickers and washi.

Here are just a few photos to share!

Okay, so maybe I go a little overboard!

Here are some awesome designs using some of Blue Sky's adorable planners . . .

I love this month view my coworker created with her Sugar Paper planner!  The spring banner is so cute.

This month, we talked about planning personal growth goals and daily affirmations.  I really liked this image from Pieces in progress:

I also found some Irish quotes to include our planners in the spirit of St. Patty's Day.  Here is one of my favorites.

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May god hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Here are some fun days to add to your month as well.

Of course we needed fun stickers and washi too!

Happy Planning and may this month bring you luck!

Valentine's Gift Ideas

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It's been a while!  Valentine's day has passed but I thought I would still do little post about some ideas for celebrating your significant other.  My Valentine's day was spent going to our favorite fancy doughnut place called Sidecar Doughnuts.  If you live in Orange County or plan to visit there I highly recommend this place, they regularly feature a gluten free doughnut which is the main reason I like to go and their butter and salt doughnut is my favorite.  

I also took my husband to see Deadpool at a luxury theater winning me major wife points.  If you haven't visited a luxury movie theater, I highly recommend that as well!  Reclining seats, tasty food and beverage options, and the ability to choose your seat are great perks.

Of course we also went to a nice dinner down in Laguna Beach, where there are several amazing restaurants to try such as Broadway by Amar Santana, Three Seventy Common, Watermark, Nick's, and 230 Forest Avenue, which is where we went.

As for my the Valentine gift I got for my husband . . . now I obviously like to make gifts and I have a thing for creating "kits".  I decided to create a date night kit which kind of benefits both of us and included fun things and handmade things.  I found several great websites that had cool ideas and print outs to help make your own kit which I will share.

Here is the tag I made, I just printed it out and used Washi tape to attach it to card stock.

Here is what I included in my kit . . .

1. A date night idea jar, this one I found from Uncommon Goods.  You can purchase it here:

Date Night Bucket List

2.  For a group date I bought a game since my husband loves games.  I bought "The Contender" from Amazon which is a fun debate game and works similar to Apples to Apples.

3. For a funny date, I created people bingo game cards. My husband and I love to people watch and often do so on dates.  Here are the bingo cards:

4.  For a sexy date night, this one is easy, you could do lingerie, candles, games, etc.  I have a thing for goofy boxers so I picked some clothing items and wrapped them in a bag.  There are some great ideas on these websites too:

5.  For a pampered date I found some cool printables here: Spoil Your Spouse

Some other things I included . . . candy for a "Movie Date Night" which I would have added movie tickets but we currently have a bunch of those.  I also wrapped some electric candles for a "Romantic Date Night".  You could easily add a bottle of wine or a giftcard to a restaurant.  U put everything in a tin and was done!

Found this one at Hobby Lobby:

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!

February Planning Party

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As January comes to an end I thought I would share some photos from our monthly planning party.  I gathered my planning friends together to take a look at February and decorate for next month.  With fun washi tape, stamps, and colorful pens we got crafty with our planning.  Check it out . . .

Cute stickers, stamps, and washi tape from Michaels.

We discussed how important it is to plan fun things and time for yourself.  I found some cute calendars to help us plan such as:

Organization Calendar

Love Yourself Challenge

Kindness Challenge

Some fun dates to add to your calendar:

february dates.png

My February calendar page!  I used washi, stamps, Blue Sky's awesome planner stickers, sharpies, and gel pens.

So much fun!  Can't wait to plan for March!  My february planner quote . . .

Stay humble, work hard, be kind

Studio Space

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So to start off 2016 I thought I would share a little about my studio.  I have been working hard to create a space that consists of more organized chaos as well as surrounding myself with inspiration to help get me excited about this spring and new creations.  It is by no way perfect but just the act of going through, organizing, and purging has helped create a space that has my creative juices flowing.  I am so excited about filling up my Etsy store with new creations this spring!

Check it out . . 

As you can see, it really is organized chaos, but trust me it makes sense!

I finally am able to keep my sewing machine on my desk!  I also just added some newly planted succulents, my favorite!  Hopefully inspiration for some fun felt cacti.

My handy brick bookend along with some great books for easy access. 

I found these handy washi tape dispensers at Michael's, I keep my favorite ones out so I don't have to dig for them when I need them.

I've kept up my clothesline to attach my current ideas, it's messy but I like having it right there to switch out when I need.

A small floating shelf for small items, I usually store my felt cactus projects here.

My husband and I love to collect artwork from current artists so I finally hung a bunch of it up.  I also added some of my geometric mobiles and an illustration I did a while ago.

I found this cute hanging cube from Michael's and of course hung the cork board I fixed up earlier.  The create sign I created a while ago using photographs I took down in Old Town, Orange.  They have awesome vintage signs and cool typography down in that area.

I was going for a gallery wall look made up of collected art, the cardboard deer left over from New Years, and my most recent weaving.

I bought these cool cubes on Amazon, you can get different ones and stack them together.  I might get a few more, they work great for storing all different kinds of things.

I love these carts, I found this one at Michael's on sale but have another one from Ikea.  They work great for storing items that you can roll out later when you need.

This was my most recent addition, a mail rack that I thought would be perfect for storing my sketches and my cute cards I get from my Happy Mail subscription.  I love mail and if you do too check this out: 

I am excited about what 2016 brings and I am looking forward to sharing my creations.

A Wes Anderson New Years

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My friend and I have always talked about how awesome a Wes Anderson themed party would be. We decided that New Years would be the perfect time to celebrate Wes Anderson style.  Luckily, I had winter break to plan for the party and decided to make each room a different Wes Anderson movie.  Here is how it went . . .

My research included many hours of Pinteresting, watching movies and of course this wonderful book borrowed from my friend:

1. The Patio

The patio was Moonrise Kingdom themed with a teepee and fun props.

Props: Felt flag and raccoon patch, arrows, book cover printed and wrapped around another book.  Record player found outside my friends house, binoculars, shoes, and raccoon hat ordered online.

The teepee I made with my brother using this tutorial:

I also printed notes and pinned it n string along with an arrow garland I created using paper.

2.  The Kitchen

I decided to to the kitchen like The Grand Budapest Hotel, the details included a lot of quotes and printed images, Mendels boxes, cake stands, perfume, and keys.


These were cards that my husband designed for people to fill out and share their New Year's resolutions.

Here is a recipe I found for Mr. Bean's cookies, they turned out good but I forgot to take a good photo of them::

3. The Living Room

This room was the Royal Tenenbaums' room filled with old books, photos, Scrabble and of course a tennis racket.

4.  The Hall

Here I just printed a bunch of quotes and pictures from the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

5. The Bathroom

Naturally, I had to do the bathroom inspired by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  I printed quotes, images, created dynamite, and of course a leopard shark.

The party ended up being a blast and my decor was a hit!  Everyone's costumes were so great!  Here are a few highlights from the party:

Happy New Year!  I can't wait for what 2016 will bring!

Handmade Christmas

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This year my husband and I decided to make a lot of our christmas gifts, here are a few fun projects that made great gifts this year.

1. Handmade printed watercolor tea towels.

This project was my favorite!  I had created a watercolor of one of my favorite recipes, a mayo free potato salad, here is where I got the recipe from: Potato Salad Recipe

I scanned my watercolor and formatted it for a fat quarter then had it printed with 4 images to a yard through Spoonflower (  I found the watercolor printed very well!

I then cut the fat quarter pieces out and hemmed the sides to create the tea towels.  

I loved how they turned out!  If you aren't much of an artist you could also scan a handwritten recipe or a photo and have that printed.


2.  Hand painted constellation

For this I did several variations, I hand painted a circle with blue watercolor and then painted the constellations of the astrological signs of my friends and family. I also painted some more detailed pieces that feature a tent or beach scene and then had them scanned and printed and added the gold constellation over the print.  

3.  Family Birthday Board

My grandmother is always worrying about forgetting birthdays so I decided to make a birthday board that included all of the dates of our families birthdays.  I started with a plank board that I bought from Michael's already stained and everything (the same one I used for the menu board in a previous post).  I then painted on the words using the transfer method for "Family" and did the "birthday" and months by hand.  I had some small screw in hooks that I attached along the bottom of the board.

Next, I bought a bunch of small wooded tokens from Michaels and screwed two holes in them to attach them to the board.  I used twine to attach the tokens and wrote the names of family members and the numbers of their birthdays. I then tied them to the board.

My gifts went over pretty well and I had a great time working on them.

Tin Can Project

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So I've been collecting tin cans for no reason at all but the assumption that I will make something out of them.  I finally decided to try something as I am running out of room to hoard cans.  I decided to make a desk organizer for my office supplies.

Step 1- Screw the cans onto a wood board.

Step 2- Spray paint the cans and wood. (I started with white and then decided I didn't like it so covered it with blue).

Step 3- Fill with office supplies!  Or eating utensils for entertaining? Or use as a vase for flowers?, or a planter, etc.

This was such an easy project! Now go start hoarding cans and make something cool!

Here are some fun links to can ideas:


Crafty Texas Girls

Knick of Time

Pretty Planning Party

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I am a pretty organized person as well as a teacher so planning is a big part of my life.  I teach my Leadership students to plan events and I make sure I am organized so I can keep track of my work projects and my personal projects.  So my planner is pretty important to me.  With the help of Blue Sky, one of my favorite planner brands, I was able to host a planner party where I showed some strategies for using your planner more effectively as well as fun ways to decorate your planner and make it more fun to look at.

Check it out . . .

The Supplies:

Blue Sky planners

Blue Sky planners

Various pens and post-its

Various pens and post-its

My favorite!  Washi tape.

My favorite!  Washi tape.

The lesson . . .

Making lists and some fun Blue Sky stickers!

Making lists and some fun Blue Sky stickers!

Choose your planner.

Choose your planner.

Now for decorating!

So much fun!  The girls were asking if we could get together once a month to update our planners so I may be posting some fun planning decoration ideas in future posts.  Thanks to those who attended and shared their creative ideas with the group and thank you to Blue Sky for supplying all the fun planners and supplies. 

Let me know if you are interested in hosting a planner party for your friends!

DIY Menu Board

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So I am horrible at meal planning and thought I would craft a menu board to make it easier with the hope that I will actually use it.


Wood boards (I fount this pre-stained pallette from Michaels), clips, screws, recipe cards/index cards, a pencil

Step One:

Mark where you want your clips, I used my recipe card to help space them out.  I was planning on screwing in the clips using the screws but the screw heads were too small to hold the clips.  Instead I just screwed in the screws and use them to hook the clips on, it works just as good.

Step two:

I then painted on the letters to mark the days, you could use a transfer method if you don't want to straight free hand them.  Check out my tutorial in a previous post.

Step three:

Hang recipe cards or index cards with meal ideas.

DONE! Now let's see if I actually do it . . .

3 Inspiring Artists

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So, this past weekend I was able to attend the CTN Animation Expo with my husband.  This was my first time going and it was quite an experience!  There were so many amazingly talented artists it was both overwhelming and incredible inspiring!  I have been super busy lately and haven't made much time for creating, luckily this expo made me so excited to get back to creating that I am hoping I can make time.  Here are three artists that were at the expo that really helped to inspire me to get back to creating . . .


I was mesmerized by Julie's paper collaged pieces.  I am such a tactile person that I just adored the texture and detail she could get with cut paper.  Her art made me eager to explore collage more.  Here is one of my favorite prints by her . . .

If you want to check out more of her work here is her website:


I was also inspired by Alina's awesome watercolors.  I love working with watercolors and just love the movement and mood Alina creates in her compositions.  She does some really cool illustrations of the astrology signs.  Her characters are just so sweet looking and the effects she creates with watercolor are stunning.  Check this one out . . .


To check out her work go to:


I just love this illustrator!  Her pieces have such a great feel to them, I love the texture in her scenes and her color palettes.  I was drawn into her booth by this one print that just has such a cool composition and of course a cat.  Who doesn't love an illustrator that draws cute cats?

Here is the piece I just loved . . .

To check out more of Meg's work go to her site:

I am always looking for great artists so if you have anyone that inspires you please share in the comments!!

Gold Hanging Geometric Mobiles

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So I have been in love with these cool geometric shapes used as decor elements and decided that I could probably make my own with a few supplies.  This was my project this week and here is what you need to complete your own low cost geometric mobile.


Gold spray paint, string, cocktail straws

Gold spray paint, string, cocktail straws

I basically strung the straws on some string and played around with creating different shapes.  I then spray painted it to look like gold metal.  

I started with some simple shapes but I'm sure you could make some crazy stuff.

I started with some simple shapes but I'm sure you could make some crazy stuff.

Happy crafting!

A Product You Have to Try!

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I love this stuff!  Liquid gilding is like liquid gold leaf that you can paint on stuff.  I decided to play around and paint a bunch of stuff with the liquid gilding and this is what I did . . .

I painted some cute bee push pins:

I added some gilding to some watercolor paintings:

I updated my old whiteboard with some paint and gilding:

The brand I use is Martha Stewart and you can find it at Michael's.  Keep in mind it doesn't wash off like regular paint so I save two brushes especially for this so I don't ruin all my brushes.

I would love to see any cool things you create with liquid gilding!

3 Great Pattern Design Books

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So I have been all about designing patterns lately and I have found some really great resources to help me along my way and thought I would share them. . .

1. A Field Guide to Fabric Design by Kimberly Kight

This is a great introduction and overview to all things pattern design.  It goes over the basics to types of patterns and then all the way through digitizing your patterns and having them printed.  It also shows you how to screen print your own patterns.  It is a very informative book and easy to understand.

2. Color + Pattern, 50 Playful Exercises for Exploring Pattern Design by Khristian A. Howell

This is a fun book that gives you different prompts to help inspire new patterns.  I love this idea and it's great if you are feeling stuck creatively.  This would just be a fun book to give you ideas for sketches in your sketchbook as well as ideas for designing patterns.  This book also features different pattern designers and their work which which is also inspiring.

3.  The Spoonflower Handbook 

This is a fun book that talks about pattern design as well as how to use their website to print your patterns and also gives you ideas of things to make with your patterns.  This is an all inclusive idea book from pattern to product which I really enjoy.  I use their website to print a lot of my designs so this is a very useful tool.  It's also got some really great photos.

I would love to hear of any other great pattern books, so please share!

Easy Crafting with Washi Tape

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So lately I have been playing around with Washi tape, Washi tape is a decorative paper tape that can be used for all kinds of things!  

Here are a few things I have decorated using Washi tape:

I also updated on of my husbands old cork boards with just a little paint and washi tape!

Here is the before picture

Here is the before picture

Just added a little blue tape to protect the edges when I paint.

Just added a little blue tape to protect the edges when I paint.

I used some Oops paint I had lying around.

I used some Oops paint I had lying around.

Added two strip of cute washi tape to the top and bottom of the cork board.

Added two strip of cute washi tape to the top and bottom of the cork board.

Voila!  A cute bulletin board for my notes.

Voila!  A cute bulletin board for my notes.

For more amazing ideas on how to use Washi tape check out this site: 

56 Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape

I will be hosting a workshop on how to decorate your planner as well as tips to utilize your planner more effectively using washi tape, post its, stickers, and fun colored pens!  More information coming soon.