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A Busy Bee's Guide To Traveling

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For someone with food allergies it can be really daunting to think about going on vacation for a week.  I am currently preparing for a weeks vacation in Cabo San Lucas for my parent's wedding.  I typically avoid mexican food as I can't eat most of its staples such as tomatoes, avocado, peppers, beans, and soy which a lot of mexican food is cooked in.  So . . . going to Mexico for a week sounds scary to my stomach!  Although the thought of how much weight I could lose not eating anything while spending a week in a bikini sounds good, I know I will need to eat something to keep from being in a constant state of "hangry".  

First step to preparing . . . I have been informed that we will be going to Walmart to stock up on snacks and things and I know we will have a kitchen in our room so that is a plus!  However, in my experience, going to a grocery store without a plan can also be very stressful for me as I typically can't eat that many processed or packaged foods so I am pretty limited by what I can find at a grocery store.  The key is having a list ahead of time so that I don't get overwhelmed by reading all the labels one by one down an aisle.  So, I have prepared my possible snacks list, here are some things on it:

  • apple sauce
  • salami 
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • cashews
  • pickles
  • olives
  • fresh fruit (I think that's safe to eat from Mexico)

Next step . . . what am I allowed to bring into Mexico.  I looked online and I think that I can bring things that are sealed and aren't fresh fruit and meats.  I am planning on possibly bringing some gluten free crackers, maybe some allergy free cookies (so I am not tempted by other sweet things).  I was told tea is hard to find so maybe some tea and possibly some sweet potato chips.

Final step . . . I know there are several restaurants where we are staying so I am looking up their menus online and making a list of the restaurants that I know I can find things at and writing down some options at the restaurants. That way I don't get anxiety about finding something quick when I am there and eating something I should't.  In the moment I sometimes forget to ask about certain things or order on impulse so this should help.

Extras: I am also making sure I bring all my suppliments and digestive aides so that If I do have a problem I will be prepared to deal with it.  Examples of things I bring to help with my stomach:

  • Digestive Enzymes (this helps when I know I am eating something I shouldn't which is sometimes avoidable)
  • Young Living's Digest and Cleanse (a suppliment filled with great oils to help digestion)
  • My usual daily suppliments: probiotics, fiber, fish oils
  • Essential oils: Digize, Peppermint (works great for gas!)
  • Glutagenics (a powder that works for coating and protecting your stomach)

Lifestyle of a Busy Bee

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After a slow recovery from the flu, I have gotten back into my studio and feeling inspired.  So far my blog has been my way to share my love of creating and how I work that into my busy bee lifestyle.  While I am busy finding time to create while working a full time job I often have to make time for important things such as eating, which can be difficult for me.  I have a tough relationship with food and I find that there are many people who have similar issues.  I thought I would work that into my blogging in the hopes that it could help at least one person who struggles with similar issues.

To start I'll share some background, I have always had stomach issues.  I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome back when they were just learning about it and was told my options were to figure out triggers and avoid them or take anti anxiety meds.  I decided to try to live with it until I decided to eliminate gluten.  This was a big help but definitely didn't solve my issues.  I later visited a new doctor who prescribed me meds for my heartburn issues.  While preparing for my wedding, my stress aggravated my stomach issues and I was dealing with really bad heartburn on a daily basis.  I decided to see a gastroenterologist who had me do a scope to check for damage from the heartburn.  After being told the heartburn meds were working even though I didn't feel that they were I gave up on the doctor and started to see a more holistic practitioner.  For me, this was life changing.  This new doctor identified that I had leaky gut and after a strict diet and supplements all of my issues were pretty much gone!  I no longer had heartburn or daily stomach upsets.  I then tried to reintroduce foods and found some of my triggers.  

Where I am right now . . . i still follow pretty close to an autoimmune paleo diet while taking supplements.  My problems are not all solved but my quality of life is much better.  My challenge now is finding ways to stick to my diet and take care of myself while eating on the go, traveling, and entertaining.  

In between sharing my crafting ideas I will share some strategies I have developed to help deal with these issues.  I would also love to hear some strategies or ideas that you use if you have similar issues or dietary restrictions.