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Free Desktop Wallpaper

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I just got a new computer which is always exciting!  I need all the accessories, I get to set it up however I want!  One thing I love to do is update my wallpaper.  I usually search online for art by my favorite artists but lately have been enjoying having a decorative calendar in the background. 

I first discovered the calendars through a great surface designer who always creates a free monthly desktop background.  Here blog is called Going Home to Roost, check it out and you can download her calendars for your computer and phone: Going Home to Roost

So when I was deciding if I was going to use her calendar for my new computer, I decided that I could make my own using my patterns I recently designed.  I had so much fun I made a few using different patterns and thought I would share them.


June Planning

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Yay!  It's almost June!  That means I am almost done with school and it will be summer time.  This is the first time in while that I will not be teaching summer school so decorating my planner for June was very exciting for me.

This month I decided to give my planning girls a theme of risk taking.  It is also national camping month so go ahead and plan a camping trip for this summer and get outside!

Here are some photos for our get together as well as my monthly planning page.

I just love these cute stickers!  I bought these at Paper Source but you can find them at a bunch of stores.  They make for cute planner stickers.