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Teacher Planning Party

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To celebrate the start of the school year I gathered some teachers and school staff together for a little planning workshop.

We practiced unloading our minds of all the to-do's in a mind dumb exercise.  

We then planned out all our to-do's using our planners and talked about some strategies for keeping organized such as writing grocery lists on post its so that you can just pull them out of your planner when running to the store.

Next we talked about the fun stuff!  Adding washi, stickers, and colored pens to make your planning seem fun and playful.

I loved this design your own planner layout a teacher was working on, kind of a bullet journal idea.

Teacher Stuff

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I love the idea of selling something I have made; having someone else appreciate something that I enjoyed making.  So I am working on designing different products and experimenting with different ideas.  My target audience would most likely be people my age and possibly teachers.  I think it would be great if there were more fun artsy products to help keep teachers organized.  so far these are some of my creations . . . 

Lanyard and Coffee Koozie, a gift for a teacher friend

Lanyard and Coffee Koozie, a gift for a teacher friend

Basically, I found a bunch of fabrics with amazing prints that I just fell in love with so I decided to experiment with sewn items.  Sewing is not my forte but it's been fun to play around with it and I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

Personalized Teacher Clipboards

Personalized Teacher Clipboards

I've also been working on some organizers, mainly for my own use but maybe someone else might find them useful.

more ideas coming soon . ..