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Ink and Pen tests

Amberleigh Adoff2 Comments

So today I thought I would just do a short post on different types of pens.  I use different pens for my sketching and my illustrations and I wanted to test which ones would bleed when water was added.  I do my illustrations in ink and then add watercolor over them and I can never remember which ones bleed.  This was for myself and hopefully it helps someone else find the right pens whether you are an artist or you are looking for a specific pen to create tags, address letters, etc.

These were my test subjects:

Here is what they look like when used on an inexpensive watercolor paper that has some tooth to it:

Here are the results of adding water to the right side of the lines:

The ones that really smeared were the Uni-ball, Steadtler, and the Calligraphy pen.  The Pilot ones seams to have smeared a little too as it dried.

My favorites so far have been the Zebra pen as a brush pen and the Hybrid Technica Pentel pen as a fine liner.  The Pentel pens come in different sizes too.

If you have tried any pens you would recommend please let me know!