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Quick Saturday DIY

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So my husband is recovering from a nasty cold this winter break and I have been doing everyting I can to fight it off.  Last night I had some sinus pressure and used a heated pack on my face to help.  I woke this morning thinking, I should make my own pack using essential oils and the face mask templete I had sitting in my office for another sewing project.  So here is my craft of the day, it took about 10 minutes as I had all the supplies already on hand.

First, I used my mask template I downloaded from this cool craft blog

Here the supplies I used:

  • Mask template from above, or trace some sunglasses and make your own.
  • Fabric (I used a cute cactus print fabric I had and a second soft fabric that happened to match)  You only really need one print.
  • Elastic (only need if you want it to hold on your head, you could easily do this without it if you just want to lay down and put it on your eyes)
  • Rice
  • Essential oils
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)

FIRST: I traced the template on my fabric and cut it out, you need two pieces.

NEXT: you pin them right sides together, I also tucked in some elastic and pocked it out through one side.


THEN: I carefully stitched around using a sewing machine and leaving one area on the side of the mask open (this is where the other end of the elastic was sticking out.


I then turned the fabric right side out and used a bone folder to help push out the sides,  you could use anything else like a pencil too.


To prepare the filling, I put some rice in a bowl and sprinkled some drops of essential oils on it.  I used about 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of the Young Living RC (my favorite!)  which is a mix of eucalyptus, cypress, and spruce.  Peppermint would probably work as well.  I was also going to put some dried lavender in there but I couldn't find it.  You can also use other items as fillers such as dried beans or lentils.  I let the rice sit for about 10 min.

I then used a funnel to fill the mask mostly full but not all the way.


After filling it, I tucked the other end of the elastic in (after measuring around my head and trimming it, and folded over the edges.  I sewed the end shut and then lay the mask down to even out the filling.  Here is what the front and back look like:


I tested it out and it worked perfectly!  


I might make another one but just a stuffed rectangular pouch.  That would be a lot simpler and you don't really need a template.  It would be great for heating and using on your forehead.  

Happy Saturday . . . I hope you create something today!