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November Freebie

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Hello Friends!

I know it has been a while since I posted, it has been a busy year working on my other website and business Thistle + Things.  However, I have added a few travel themed artwork to my Etsy Shop and thought I would share a desktop wallpaper design I created for November.

Check out some new art on my Etsy shop

I have a watercolor map of the United States that works great for hand lettering if you are into that, which I am!


Here is my November desktop backdrop . . .

November_background copy.jpg

A Product You Have to Try!

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I love this stuff!  Liquid gilding is like liquid gold leaf that you can paint on stuff.  I decided to play around and paint a bunch of stuff with the liquid gilding and this is what I did . . .

I painted some cute bee push pins:

I added some gilding to some watercolor paintings:

I updated my old whiteboard with some paint and gilding:

The brand I use is Martha Stewart and you can find it at Michael's.  Keep in mind it doesn't wash off like regular paint so I save two brushes especially for this so I don't ruin all my brushes.

I would love to see any cool things you create with liquid gilding!

3 Great Pattern Design Books

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So I have been all about designing patterns lately and I have found some really great resources to help me along my way and thought I would share them. . .

1. A Field Guide to Fabric Design by Kimberly Kight

This is a great introduction and overview to all things pattern design.  It goes over the basics to types of patterns and then all the way through digitizing your patterns and having them printed.  It also shows you how to screen print your own patterns.  It is a very informative book and easy to understand.

2. Color + Pattern, 50 Playful Exercises for Exploring Pattern Design by Khristian A. Howell

This is a fun book that gives you different prompts to help inspire new patterns.  I love this idea and it's great if you are feeling stuck creatively.  This would just be a fun book to give you ideas for sketches in your sketchbook as well as ideas for designing patterns.  This book also features different pattern designers and their work which which is also inspiring.

3.  The Spoonflower Handbook 

This is a fun book that talks about pattern design as well as how to use their website to print your patterns and also gives you ideas of things to make with your patterns.  This is an all inclusive idea book from pattern to product which I really enjoy.  I use their website to print a lot of my designs so this is a very useful tool.  It's also got some really great photos.

I would love to hear of any other great pattern books, so please share!