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Teacher Planning Party

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To celebrate the start of the school year I gathered some teachers and school staff together for a little planning workshop.

We practiced unloading our minds of all the to-do's in a mind dumb exercise.  

We then planned out all our to-do's using our planners and talked about some strategies for keeping organized such as writing grocery lists on post its so that you can just pull them out of your planner when running to the store.

Next we talked about the fun stuff!  Adding washi, stickers, and colored pens to make your planning seem fun and playful.

I loved this design your own planner layout a teacher was working on, kind of a bullet journal idea.

August Planning Party

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I can't believe it's already August!  Only a few more weeks till I head back to school, so to prepare . . . I took a look at my planner and made it pretty so that I can look at these next weeks with joy.

Here is how it went:

Of course we needed washi tape, I found this handy organizer from Michaels.

This month we focused on celebrating Art as well as fun things going on in our last summer month such as a meteor shower and new movies and books coming out.

I found these awesome planner stickers with quotes and useful labels at Michaels, so fun!

I am happy with my color scheme for August, it's bright and fun!

July Planning Party

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I know it is already on its way through the start of July but I thought I would share a little from our July planning party.

We had the usual . .  snacks, mass amounts of washi, and some inspiration.

I found some cute stickers from Paper Source for students.

We also had some fun stuff to play with from Blue Sky Planners like these washi tapes that I just love.

And these pretty pens too!

This week's planning page focused on summer bucket lists and featured a fun coloring calendar from Blue Sky.

You can find these on

You can find these on

I focused on a 4th of July theme for my planner using red white and blue washi.

There are a lot of fun templates for summer bucket lists online and on Pinterest.  Here is a fun one I found on pinterest:

Happy Planning!

A Busy Bee's Guide To Traveling

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For someone with food allergies it can be really daunting to think about going on vacation for a week.  I am currently preparing for a weeks vacation in Cabo San Lucas for my parent's wedding.  I typically avoid mexican food as I can't eat most of its staples such as tomatoes, avocado, peppers, beans, and soy which a lot of mexican food is cooked in.  So . . . going to Mexico for a week sounds scary to my stomach!  Although the thought of how much weight I could lose not eating anything while spending a week in a bikini sounds good, I know I will need to eat something to keep from being in a constant state of "hangry".  

First step to preparing . . . I have been informed that we will be going to Walmart to stock up on snacks and things and I know we will have a kitchen in our room so that is a plus!  However, in my experience, going to a grocery store without a plan can also be very stressful for me as I typically can't eat that many processed or packaged foods so I am pretty limited by what I can find at a grocery store.  The key is having a list ahead of time so that I don't get overwhelmed by reading all the labels one by one down an aisle.  So, I have prepared my possible snacks list, here are some things on it:

  • apple sauce
  • salami 
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • cashews
  • pickles
  • olives
  • fresh fruit (I think that's safe to eat from Mexico)

Next step . . . what am I allowed to bring into Mexico.  I looked online and I think that I can bring things that are sealed and aren't fresh fruit and meats.  I am planning on possibly bringing some gluten free crackers, maybe some allergy free cookies (so I am not tempted by other sweet things).  I was told tea is hard to find so maybe some tea and possibly some sweet potato chips.

Final step . . . I know there are several restaurants where we are staying so I am looking up their menus online and making a list of the restaurants that I know I can find things at and writing down some options at the restaurants. That way I don't get anxiety about finding something quick when I am there and eating something I should't.  In the moment I sometimes forget to ask about certain things or order on impulse so this should help.

Extras: I am also making sure I bring all my suppliments and digestive aides so that If I do have a problem I will be prepared to deal with it.  Examples of things I bring to help with my stomach:

  • Digestive Enzymes (this helps when I know I am eating something I shouldn't which is sometimes avoidable)
  • Young Living's Digest and Cleanse (a suppliment filled with great oils to help digestion)
  • My usual daily suppliments: probiotics, fiber, fish oils
  • Essential oils: Digize, Peppermint (works great for gas!)
  • Glutagenics (a powder that works for coating and protecting your stomach)

June Planning

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Yay!  It's almost June!  That means I am almost done with school and it will be summer time.  This is the first time in while that I will not be teaching summer school so decorating my planner for June was very exciting for me.

This month I decided to give my planning girls a theme of risk taking.  It is also national camping month so go ahead and plan a camping trip for this summer and get outside!

Here are some photos for our get together as well as my monthly planning page.

I just love these cute stickers!  I bought these at Paper Source but you can find them at a bunch of stores.  They make for cute planner stickers.

Planning for April

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As March is coming to an end, it's time to take a look forward at April and get my planning on.   This month I decided to create a flyer with some ideas and inspiration for April.  Here is what I came up with this month:

This month I wanted to focus on choosing washi tape and planning a color scheme for the monthly view.  Having too many colors and designs can often make it more overwhelming rather than fun and helpful.  

Choosing washi tape . . . ideally you want one main pattern that is your focus, something fun and exciting.  Next you need at least two more supporting washi tapes, ones that match a color in your main pattern and at least one that you can write over with sharpie.  You don't really want more than 4 washi tapes unless they are very simple.  Here are some color combinations that we came up with . . .

I used some of the colors on the left, here is my before and after picture of my monthly view.

Not only did we have fun with washi but we played with these cute stamps I found at Michael's that have different icons.

We also made sure to plan fun events and time for self love.

Here is some more inspiration using a Blue Sky planner.  I love that there is a big block of space at the top to write quotes.  To order a Blue Sky planner check them out at

Happy Planning!

Pretty Planning Party

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I am a pretty organized person as well as a teacher so planning is a big part of my life.  I teach my Leadership students to plan events and I make sure I am organized so I can keep track of my work projects and my personal projects.  So my planner is pretty important to me.  With the help of Blue Sky, one of my favorite planner brands, I was able to host a planner party where I showed some strategies for using your planner more effectively as well as fun ways to decorate your planner and make it more fun to look at.

Check it out . . .

The Supplies:

Blue Sky planners

Blue Sky planners

Various pens and post-its

Various pens and post-its

My favorite!  Washi tape.

My favorite!  Washi tape.

The lesson . . .

Making lists and some fun Blue Sky stickers!

Making lists and some fun Blue Sky stickers!

Choose your planner.

Choose your planner.

Now for decorating!

So much fun!  The girls were asking if we could get together once a month to update our planners so I may be posting some fun planning decoration ideas in future posts.  Thanks to those who attended and shared their creative ideas with the group and thank you to Blue Sky for supplying all the fun planners and supplies. 

Let me know if you are interested in hosting a planner party for your friends!