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Casual Dinner Party

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My goal this year is to throw more dinner parties, it is so nice to prepare a dinner for friends and visit for a while.  For my first attempt at a dinner party I invited my brother and his girlfriend over for a birthday celebration.  I have a particular diet so we prepared a tasty allergy friendly meal and I had a lot of fun preparing the space.  Here are some highlights and tips for planning your own dinner party in a jiffy.

Decor:  A bouquet of flowers broken up using tiny vases (probably from the dollar tree), place mats and napkins on sale at Target, handwritten cards on kraft paper, done!


The Menu: Chicken Sage Patties from the Autoimune Paleo Cookbook, Sauted garlic spinach, mashed tumeric sweet potatoes and a salad with a homemade citrus vinegarette (my husband's creations)  For dessert, flourless orange chocolate cake (thanks Pinterest!)Recipe here: Chocolate Cake

Good Company!  After a lovely dinner we played the game Drawful, my favorite!  It is a digital game that is part of the Jackbox party pack, I think you can get it on Xbox.  Its a game of goofy drawing using your phone, hilarious and so much fun.

Crafting a Birthday Brunch

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So my girl friend's thirtieth birthday was coming up and my friends thought it would be nice to surprise her with a birthday brunch.  We were going to try out a new restaurant and everyone was assigned something to take care of such as flowers, dessert, balloons, etc.  I was in charge of bringing a sign or banner and some decorations as I tend to be the more craftier one.  So with a few days to prepare something, this is what I came up with.

1. Easy chalkboard sign . . . I have this small square chalkboard sign that I bought at Joann's that I use for all types of occasions.  I just marked up a cute sign using a chalkboard marker and used some washi tape to add a little more detail and color to the sign.  The triangles I cut out of scrapbooking paper using this banner punch I just bought from Amazon.

2.  I created this cute banner for the table as I guessed we wouldn't have a large space to hang something.  I used the same banner punch and scrapbooking paper with some string.  To create the base I bought these cute little pots and used floral styrofoam glued in the bottom and skewers to hang the banner.

3.  I of course needed a wrapped gift that was just as crafty as the decor so I wrapped her gift in kraft paper and cut different floral shapes out of cardstock and glued it down.  This was pretty quick and surprisingly easy.

4. The last touch . . . I found this cute little party hats at target and had to get them!  They added a little playfulness to the table.

Just a few little projects made our brunch fun and beautiful. 

Lazy Girl Scrapbooking

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I love the idea of scrapbooking, mainly because I love paper, pattern, photos, and the idea of organizing things into pretty little pages.  I do not however have hours of time to dedicate to scrapbooking.  The main reason I have started to scrapbook is the fact that I have figured out a system and materials that make it really easy to scrapbook.

Supplies you need:

1.  Patterned paper:

I order occasional Messy Boxes from A Beautiful Mess because the paper they send comes in different sizes already cut to fit scrapbook pockets and they are coordinated to match.  They are also super cute rather than most that I see at the craft store.  Messy boxes are a subscription based product but they often run deals where you can purchase past boxes or a month's box for shipping only, sign up for their newsletter to get updates.

2.  Embellishments

I love washi tape which works great for taping down photos.  Letter stickers, cute cutouts, ribbon, anything that you can find in a craft store to add a little fun to the pages is nice but totally optional!

3.  Pictures

I sometimes print pictures at home, or send a sheet to kinkos, I even use mini polaroid pictures too.  If you want some nice ones you can print them pretty easily at Costo, but I am pretty lazy and don't care that much so I put them all on a document, print them out and cut them.

4.  Plastic scrapbook page organizers

The most important thing that makes this all easy are the page organizers!  You can buy these online or at craft stores.  Mine are the Simple Stories brand: Simple Stories , which I think I bought off Amazon but I know they sell some at Joann's and Michaels as well as A Beautiful Mess sells them.  What's great about these is they have different size pockets and you just plug in photos and paper and it creates an interesting layout.  The pages come in different layouts and you can buy a variety pack.

If you are a more computer savvy person then you might want to try and use in design to plan your photo sizes to fit the organizer pockets, I just started doing that and It makes the photo part much easier.

Here are some of my recent pages that I whipped together using the polaroids from my birthday.  They are super simple and didn't take long to construct.

Need some inspiration?  Check this out:

Happy Scrapbooking!!

30th Boho Birthday Bash

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My husband and I love birthdays so we decided that we would celebrate our birthday months.  Planning my birthday is always a task and difficult for me.  I love to entertain and usually plan a small gathering with friends but find that I go into host mode and don't really enjoy my party.  So when my husband asked me this year what I wanted to do I thought about all my favorite things and decided I would spend a day doing my favorite things and whoever wanted to join me could.

So I made a list of all my favorite things and decided on yoga, tea, the ocean, movies, fuzzy socks, and PJ's.  My plan was, free yoga in the park in the morning with breakfast at the Dana Point Harbor (my happy place), then lunch and tea at the Royal Tea and Treatery (gluten free and dairy free!), then a movie, snacks, PJ's and fuzzy socks back at the house.  Here is how it went . . .

Amber's Birthday Bash.jpg

In the morning, I had kits ready for my girls with water bottles, fuzzy socks, and supplies to make boho flower crowns.

First stop was Dana Point!  I love the harbor so we went down there to get some breakfast then went to I heart yoga which is a donation based yoga that is every day in a park above the harbor.  There is nothing like doing yoga overlooking the ocean!

The next stop was Royal Tea and Treatery!  This is a cute cafe in Costa Mesa that is completely gluten free and dairy free.  They have amazing sandwiches, homemade hummus, tasty tea, and delicious scones and desserts.

I brought some small fake flowers to put into our twine headbands during lunch.  Here is how mine turned out.

Finally, we headed home to watch a movie.  I transformed my living room into a boho lounge and my husband prepared snacks for us to eat while we watch our movie.  I selected "Sisters" to watch, a hilarious film if you haven't seen it.

It was such a wonderful birthday!  I loved sharing things that were important to me with my friends and family.

Beer Tasting Bash!

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So for my husbands 31st birthday I decided to help throw a beer tasting party.  My husband loves craft beer and we thought it would be fun to have our friends bring their favorite craft beer and we can all spend a day tasting beer and snacking on junk food.  Between my craftiness and my husbands sweet design skills, I think we threw a good party and my husband had a great time.  Check it out . . . 

Here was the set up . . . metal bins for the different beers and places for snacks!

Here was the set up . . . metal bins for the different beers and places for snacks!

My husband really wanted to have a Pabst vs. Stella challenge to see if people could tell the difference so I had to have that!

My husband really wanted to have a Pabst vs. Stella challenge to see if people could tell the difference so I had to have that!

My husbands awesome graphic design skills at work . . . he had glasses engraved and designed beer tasting cards.  He also helped me make pretzel necklaces for cleansing your pallet.  

My husbands awesome graphic design skills at work . . . he had glasses engraved and designed beer tasting cards.  He also helped me make pretzel necklaces for cleansing your pallet.  

Tasty Beer themed desserts!

Tasty Beer themed desserts!

The final ratings!

The final ratings!

The top 10 lineup

The top 10 lineup